Trap Quest Release 9 Version 4.3 Hotfix

Download Links:

Main Download Page (including links to recommended interpreters)

MEGA Mirrors: Danaume Version, Keriax Version, Wonderfuller Version and Porn Version

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Butt window cutoffs now are properly described - they don't protect the player's asshole from insertions, but do conceal its visibility.
  • Lowered the likelihood of mimics appearing in ornate trunks.
  • Stethoscopes can transform into a much more humiliating novelty stethoscope with cocks.
  • Fixed a bug where some parts of the every turn engine were missing including cum dripping, pregnancy and anal creampie holding.
  • Fixed a bug where non-donators still couldn't enable roleplay fetish (starting headgear). still broken
  • Fixed an image bug where the nightgown came up as a size does matter crop top.
  • Fixed an image bug where the pink catsuit came up as a WC catsuit and a WC catsuit came up as nothing.
  • Fixed an image bug where the latex skirt picture showed up twice.
  • Fixed an image bug where most thong pictures showed up twice.
  • Fixed an image bug where some tube top pictures showed up twice.
  • Fixed an image bug where normal plugs incorrectly had the image missing image appear.
  • Fixed an image bug where diapers had no image.
  • Fixed a bug where a diaper check action was sometimes leaking from DQ into TQ for the mechanic.
  • Fixed a bug where the 'reset choices' option in the player benefits options wasn't resetting max breast size or max penis size options.
  • Fixed a bug where urination went straight through all clothing except chastity cages rather than vice-versa.
  • Fixed a P-10 error during demoness perception.
  • Fixed a bug where the maid outfit summoned by the pink spraybottle would be destroyed by the summoning a of a new one.
  • Typo fixes by selkie.

Alpha testers:

  • While in debug mode the player will no longer refuse to pee.