Trap Quest Release 8 Version 1.0 AKA Oh God What has Aika Done

Brace yourselves.

So this last 3 weeks I've been working on something pretty huge to try and implement into a game over 4 years into development. But I've been working my butt off to see if I can get it to work. The results have been... mixed, but promising.

What feature am I talking about? Clickable hyperlinks, of course, as someone guessed in the comments of my last blog post. I've been trialing and testing different implementations, configurations and ways to display the hyperlinks to the user, to try and find one I'm happy with. I'm still not happy with what I've got at the moment but I think it's on the right track.

My mission statement is to try and absolutely minimise the number of commands that a user has to type, and give new users clear guidelines on what their options are, without causing the screen to just become an unholy mess of hyperlinks. This is a challenge as there are so many different things you can do in TQ.

Other challenges surround disambiguation - many items have similar names, and therefore the hyperlinked command asks the user to clarify what they mean, which isn't great. I've done my best at giving each item in the game a unique text shortcut now, which means lots are now 3 characters rather than 2. I'm sure there are still many duplicates, and when you encounter them please let me know.

Disambiguation also seems to sometimes cause crashes, which is really not ideal but something I'm working on. Essentially, if you click on a hyperlink after the game asks "which did you mean", often this causes an interpreter freeze. I currently have no idea why. Try to avoid doing this! Type which one you meant. Obviously this will become less and less of a problem as I reduce the number of times that disambiguation is necessary.

Constructive feedback on your experiences with the new hyperlinks is obviously welcome, along with any suggestions on how it could be improved. My main concerns currently revolve around how much all the little clickable verb links make the text harder to read and therefore reduce sexiness.

Technically as this is all in early alpha I really should be giving it to alpha testers to look at first, but as it's been a while I wanted to keep all my fans happy, not just the ones that financially support the game, so I'm going to let you all sink your teeth into this one. There is some interesting stuff for Patreon pledgers round the corner though, don't worry.

I'd like to thank my current army of code contributors, MG, Phaos, Selkie and LGStephy for their continued development during this period so that even though I haven't done much except work on hyperlinks, there's some new content for you as well this release. LGStephy and Selkie especially are worth lots of praise this patch as this is for both of them their first real meaty contributions to the code of brand new functionality. However please note that I have not reviewed and tested this new stuff as much as I usually would, due to time constraints, so this may not be as bug free as it usually is (which, I guess, isn't often very bug free!).

Finally, as you've probably noticed, I've incremented the release number. The hyperlinks constitute a massive change to the user experience in TQ and I decided to reflect this.

As usual, if you want to minimise the chances of your erotic experience being ruined by pesky bugs / freezes, wait a couple of days for the inevitable hotfix versions.

Known Bugs

  • The hyperlinks can cause crashes if used during disambiguation.
  • The hyperlink window will fail to spawn (and cause a game crash) if the map window is disabled.
  • Sometimes, movement hyperlinks are shown for directions you can't actually travel in. I'm already working on this.
  • Some people are still experiencing clipped character windows, missing the bottom or right hand side of the window. If this is you, a screenshot accompanied by details of your monitor resolution would help.
  • Everything not yet fixed in the bug tracker.

Mirrors (If the main download page doesn't work for you)

I currently only have mobile 4G internet and am struggling to upload these successfully, they'll be up later today.

MEGA: not yet uploaded
Patreon: not yet uploaded


  • Holy fucking megatits we have hyperlinks
  • Patron tallies only appear if you have the "ink me" tattoo.
  • 'Natural Horny Submissive' option now increases delicateness as well, so you don't start off as 'dominatrix' which didn't make much sense
  • Halved the chance of falling over when kneeing and kicking (remember you can only fall over this way when wearing heels). However, now when you fall over, NPCs get a turn to try and 'win' the fight by starting to fuck you, before you can stand up.
  • From Selkie:
  • A Nintendolls' research team made an interesting discovery, on a recent field trip, about woods-dwelling fairies. Until now, anthropologists had been unaware of the strength of fairies' desire for fresh milk. This has led to an update in the Trap Quest VR world simulation engine to reflect that: if you go into the woods today, be careful!
  • Some updates have been made to the gloryhole, to help deal with male patrons who are dimensionally challenged in the groin department.
  • Likewise for gloryhole patrons who enjoy a bit of DIY.
  • The cowgirl now has more sensitive breasts depending on how much milk she's holding in them.
    • The cowgirl will also find that a normal orgasm won't fully satisfy her - she'll have to rely on her breasts if she really wants a full release.
    • Likewise, every time a cowgirl has an orgasm with her breasts, she will lose a little bit of intelligence.
  • Orgasms are now a little harder to come by for the royal slave. If she can't find an npc to have sex with, she will have trouble getting release at all.
  • Slaves carrying a reasonable amount of milk will now "leak" a little bit upon orgasm.
  • Robots in the hotel will now leave a pile of broken parts for the mechanic to encounter and fix up. He won't attack you for it, but don't be surprised if he adds in a few upgrades.
  • From LGStephy, lots of diaper stuff, including:
    • Baby bouncer trap
    • New hypno trap
    • New NPC in the hotel: The adult baby slave
  • Disabled an interaction with patrons and the dominatrix stocks paddling scene where they would force you to give them blowjobs as it was causing infinite loop issues.
  • Only appropriate things happen when using a gloryhole whilst standing and in chastity.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the new water soak mechanic
  • Fixed a bug where the cowgirl would get aroused every turn near the minotaur, but not actually gain arousal after the first time the message appeared.
  • Fixed a bug where applying a salve of restriction to breasts caused a stack overflow error.
  • Fixed a weird bug where failing to drink a can due to a large gag would sometimes cause the normal drinking action to occur straight afterwards.
  • Fixed an issue where the milking bench asked you if you wanted to displace tops that were already dispaced.
  • Made several refinements to the soul mechanics of the succubus, there is now more incentive to kill things and gain souls but also the potential for some danger in overindulging.

July/August 2016 top donators:

  • Added a debug command "turn me on" which arouses the player slightly.
  • Fixed an issue where some pubic hair images were in the wrong order in the Wonderfuller Character window.
  • Wonderfuller window has improved breasts, belly and cum images. New images are in the works.
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