Trap Quest Release 8 Version 1.2

I was home for a few days in between holiday trips so I worked my butt off on a new version :) Also some of the contributors were still hard at work so there's quite a bit for you here! It's impossible for you to appreciate how long I spend hunting some of these bugs :P

Also fun fact, we now have so much awesome character window art that the Drawn Version has overtaken the Porn Version in filesize!

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  • A million and a half improvements, changes and fixes to the hyperlinks code. Clicking a link during disambiguation still causes a crash (this seems to be a problem with the extension itself, not something I've done), but multiple safeguards have been put in place to try and discourage the user from doing so! Please continue to report instances where you are asked about disambiguation from clicking on a link, as that helps me minimise the chances of it happening. If you have the option, I strongly recommend WinGit over Gargoyle for hyperlinks improving your experience. This is mainly because you have to hit "enter" once per line in Gargoyle, but only once per page for WinGit.
  • Lots more changes for diaper mechanics.
  • The Demon Lord now has a lot to say during sex.
  • Gladiators now carry a curse regardless of fetish options.
  • Gladiators with an active curse can be purified by simply killing whomever cursed them in the first place.(Usually the witch in the woods, but sometimes the demon lord). Purified gladiators will be friendly to you regardless of breast size, but be careful not to provoke them.
  • Reduced the rate at which arousal decays, to make horniness more common.
  • As long as you're in the woods, any fairy can deliver a fairy baby.
  • Sometimes a slightly more powerful variant of the fairy will appear in the woods.
  • Walled some parts of item descriptions behind the "newbie tips" option.
  • The tentacle monster can now use a spare tentacle to fuck your breasts.
  • There are now floating breasts images in Danaume's character window, for those people with air inflation enabled whose breasts are lighter than air. These were drawn by Danaume herself, slowly but surely due to her wrist injury. Whilst developing these we realised that at a certain size, these breasts should block the player's line of sight. So there is a new mechanic too - if your breasts are larger than F and lighter than air, you become partially blinded by your breasts, causing -2 dexterity, -2 damage on attacks, and inability to search for traps.
  • Aeromancer will now have a default punishment she performs if she isn't able to access the body parts she wants to. Will start to do similar for others.
  • An orgasm caused by a drill pole trap now causes you to fall off the dildo to the floor, mainly to prevent against infinite loops.
  • Some changes for gloryhole and fairies by Selkie announced last patch didn't actually make it in. They're in this patch.
  • Fixed a fucking annoying bug to hunt where the character window was not getting resized if it fit horizontally (but was too big vertically).
  • Fixed a bug where the mechanic was not actually fixing robots if you weren't in the room (but still sent messages about it every turn)
  • Fixed a bug where the mechanic was not actually fixing robots if you weren't in the room (but still sent messages about it every turn)
  • Fixed a bug where pacifiers would sometimes appear if diaper fetish was turned off.
  • Fixed a bug where the unique human toilet plug panties could appear in containers.
  • Fixed a minor bug with the modification machine making you faint, but the player still getting a chance to stand up before the faint function is called.
  • Fixed some bugs with orgasms where females either would get no text, or 'you no longer have a penis' text.
  • Fixed a bug where the cowgirl couldn't have breast orgasms.
  • Fixed many many other tiny bugs and typos as usual.

$5 dollar donators

  • The demoness is now willing to offer her deal to anyone who looks/acts dumb enough to accept it, which basically amounts to players who don't wear heels.
    • Provided you're still willing to swallow at the end, she can now increase your strength or dexterity, in addition to what she did in Release 7 3.5.
  • The wrestler no longer requires a jewellery investment to 69 with you
    • This means there's no referee(although a patron will sometimes show up to watch)
    • No more doubling your jewellery, but if you manage not to cum first, she still gives you a monetary prize
    • All you need to do is make sure your crotch is reasonably accessible, and present her your mouth.

Top level donators:

  • "Disintegrate" now works on tattoos.
  • Wonderfuller character window now has art for pigtailed hair, with several varied lengths, and also some varied styles for different hair colours. Very cool.
  • Some more changes for diaper mechanics.
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