Trap Quest Release 9 Version 1.2

Woohoo addiction framework is just about at the point where I'm willing to share it with you guys. Feedback is welcome but remember not too much thought has been given to balance so some stuff will probably seem a bit too underpowered or overpowered.

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Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some layering bugs that seem most commonly triggered through transformation lasers. This causes issues with removing clothing and displacing clothing. I'm looking into it.


  • Some new addictions implemented
    • Anal sex / vaginal sex / oral sex / titfuck addiction
      • Increased by orgasming during act, hypno screens, and cursed drinks. Anal and vaginal decreased by continuing to have sex when too sore (this increases delicateness).
      • Restricts what can be presented.
      • Restricts whether you can submit or resist.
      • Affects how much arousal is gained during acts.
      • Overall sex addiction is automatically the highest of all four addictions.
    • Urine / Semen taste addiction.
      • Semen taste addiction currently mirrors oral sex addiction.
      • Increased by consuming.
      • Causes consumption to become automatic.
      • Causes player to refuce to drink anything else unless very thirsty.
    • Diaper addiction.
      • Increased by using diapers purposefully, putting on used diapers, baby bouncer trap and a few other little things. Decreased by urinating purposefully when not in a diaper.
      • Causes arousal during diaper use.
    • Type 'addictions' to see the descriptions of your current addiction levels. This has been done so that 'x me' doesn't get ridiculous.
  • Most clothing is now only assigned a random influence that only becomes apparent when the clothing is blessed, cursed or has a magic modifier.
    • There are a few different rules that clothing follow when deciding what they influence. Some will always influence a random physical stat, some will always influence a random sexual stat, some will always influence a random submissiveness stat. Some are completely random.
    • For a small number of clothing items, they always influence a specific stat.
    • Very special and very boring items don't influence anything extra in this manner.
  • A few random new clothing items
    • Crybaby T-shirt
    • A new white pair of briefs
    • Cumslut collar (transformed into from the slave collar)
  • Cow nipple piercings can now be obtained by women with moderate sized breasts not just giant breasts, so cowgirls without extreme proportion fetishes can get them as long as they don't further reduce max breast size.
  • Reduced hair growth rate by 25%.
  • If fainting from sex is enabled, players with low delicateness have a number of grace turns before they faint from soreness.
  • The player will only automatically drop to their knees and request drinks from friendly NPCs.
  • The NPC action to urinate on the player has been logically separated from oral sex. It is always considered a valid option even if 'butt slut' 'craving cunt' or 'orally fixated' magical attributes are active.
  • (Accidentally undocumented from previous version) Danaume window semen layer for belly complete by Gurgles.
  • Fixed some bugs relating to crafting the new study guide.
  • Fixed a punctuation issue with semen soaking some items of clothing.
  • Fixed more issues with semen dripping down the player.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't actually learn how to invoke the elder gods, even though the game said it had been learned successfully.
  • Fixed a bug with the book of do-overs if you got impregnated from something special like the creampie pole trap.


  • (Accidentally undocumented from previous version) Wonderfuller window lips now separate from rest of face.

November top donators:

  • Can now set exact values for the following stats:
    • 'set anal sex addiction'
    • 'set vaginal sex addiction'
    • 'set oral sex addiction'
    • 'set titfuck addiction'
    • 'set diaper addiction'
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