Ask Me Anything - 100 Answers!

So I spent ages to answer the first 100 questions (except for a couple which just said "I want to see the existing questions"). Without further ado, here is a wall of text!

Anonymous asked: "What did you realize was your first fetish?"

My first fetish was anal. Without a doubt. This fetish was not one that I gained over time by looking at porn and other people's art and stories, but something in-built. There was never a time that I thought of it as gross: as soon as I was properly sexually aware (I was a late bloomer, so maybe 14 or 15 years old?), I was obsessed with butts and putting things in them. Only when they're clean, mind you. If I could make only one simple rules-of-the-universe change, I would make buttholes perfectly clean all the time.

Kiffeh asked: "I know you don't tell users your gender for personal reasons, but I wanted to know; what gender do you usually prefer on Trap Quest? Also do you spend much/any time playing your creation?"

Well firstly it's not like a massive secret what biological sex I am, but in terms of gender I don't really even understand what makes someone male or female mentally, so I can't really describe myself using that spectrum.
As for TQ I think I tend to player about 50% pure female, 25% male with TG fetish enabled, and 25% male with TG fetish disabled.
99% of the time I play TQ is playtesting to try and check if all the recent stuff I've done works. In the other 1% of the time, I play to win.

Anonymous asked: "Do your family and friends know that you make 18+ game? If they do, what was their reaction?"

A difficult question to answer. Lots of people know different amounts. Very few friends know the name of the game or anything like that but many know I'm making money doing adult game related stuff. Very few family members know anything past "I'm making a bit of money online with video game development". One knows quite a lot but she leads even more of a kink lifestyle than me and is a lot more public about it. Her only concern was whether the game perpetuated sexist stereotypes… which is difficult to answer. It plays on the concept of traditional gender roles in the bedroom but this is just adult roleplay fantasy. I don't think sexists are going to be using my game to reinforce their prejudices, I think there's a lot more mainstream content doing that for them.

Anonymous asked: "Any plans for (more) living clothes?"

No specific plans but I'm sure there will be more somewhere down the road.

beep boop asked: "Do you think that TQ will ever fully finish? Or will it become a game of infinite growth - once one story is carried out, another can be brought in? Do you think you'd go back to other stories/fetishes and expand them out if enough people wanted it?

For the record, if there were more cow/milk/breast play I wouldn't complain.

Feel free to edit/cut question to best suit your world domination plans."

TQ will only fully finish if we find the final insurmountable technical limit of Inform 7. Otherwise it will keep getting expansions, fixes and modifications forever. Eventually, when all the core regions are done, I do plan for it to hit a point where the source code becomes more available to other developers who want to make mods.

Any fetish can be expanded if enough people want me to prioritise it!

beep boop asked: "Actually, one more question: I know that a suggestions box typically turns into a plea box pretty quick. Whats the best way to suggest new content or ideas without getting to beggy?

And whats your favorite thing from TacoBell"

Probably try and get a discussion going about your idea in the Discord chat. even if I'm not keen to spend the effort working on your idea one of the other contributors might be.

I'm a British scrub who's never been to Taco Bell. yes I'm aware they're starting to pop up over here too.

Anonymous asked: "Do you like mondays?"

I loathe Mondays. But they are a necessary evil. If we didn't have Mondays, Tuesday would be the new Monday.

Anonymous asked: "What is love?"

Letting them put things up your bum.

Anonymous asked "What made you want to start making TrapQuest?"

Ooh, now that's a question I could rant about for a long time! The short(ish) answer is that I had played a lot of H-games (as you would expect from someone running a forum like the Unofficial LineMarvel Forum) and very very few had come close to what I would actually call a fun game. Games were either just interactive stories with no way to lose, or the fact that it was a game actually reduced the erotic experience (a lot of Game Over Sex does this for me, I want to be able to try and win). Erotical Night, a few RPGMaker titles, the good Run or Get Fucked genre games (the original, Jungle Girl, was created by LineMarvel), they were the only ones that did what I wanted to see from an H-game - the sex was part of the gameplay.

It was around then that I got into TF and TG stuff, and so was spending a bit of time playing games from TFGS. The problem with these games was exactly the same. 99% were not only unfinished but also just interactive stories with a single railroaded track for you to experience. Zero replay value, and no way to win or lose. Even the ones with multiple endings didn't have enough variation for me to want to play through the main body of the game again to get the alternate ending.

Then I found Bimbo Mall Battle. This was the beginning of everything I wanted from a TF game - it had an interesting combat system, random events, AI controlled NPCs, and a vague roguelike feel where you can tell when you're doing well and when you're fucked and it might be time to start again. When it became clear that Narse did not intend to move forward with the project with any real speed, I began to create my own Inform game. Trap Quest was actually meant to be a practice run so that I could get used to the engine before making a proper game, but it ended up just changing shape a lot in that first year into what I was planning for my first major game anyway. Narse (and the BMB source code) helped a real lot back in those days - in fact there are still some remnants of it in the source code of TQ today - in BMB (and Arena, which BMB was based off), rooms which NPCs could spawn in were given the adjective 'sandy'. In TQ, the same adjective is still in use for this purpose.

Anonymous asked: "Switch, PS4 or Xbox?"

I've always been loyal to Nintendo and I can't see that changing at this point. This is less true in the modern era, but back in the day, it always felt that Sony and Microsoft cared most about performance specs and polygon count and storylines and getting lots of voice actors and re-hashing tried and tested concepts, whereas Nintendo was much more innovative and placed the gameplay itself above all else. Also when I got into competitive Smash there was no going back for me, they've got me hook line and sinker!

Mystery_99X asked: "For shits and giggles: A jumping 360, no scope, head shot ejaculation hitting the player from two rooms across. Doable dank meme? Oh fuck no, please"

You are a bad person and I hope you know that.

Anonymous asked: "Are Traps gay?"

I care not for arguments over definitions, they are completely pointless in my view. But I guess in this particular situation the answer seems obvious - it is both possible to like traps or to be a trap and to still be attracted to people of the opposite sex. So, it does not automatically make you gay.

feg asked: "Is there anything specific you're looking for in this game to indicate it is finished? As in, what are your end goals for Trap Quest?"

I want to have a 4th major region (the mansion is an optional region so doesn't count), and I want to completely eliminate the images I don't own from the game.

Anonymous asked: "why do you have it set to were people have to keep paying for updates? i would think if i donate 20$ for the game i should have full access instead by the looks of your patreon its not and i only get access to a later update"

Well firstly, I want to make a living from doing this if at all possible, and enough people want the game to succeed and keep expanding enough that they're willing to pledge with the current system. Secondly, paying artists isn't cheap. Thirdly, I personally think early access to the newest content is something that it makes sense to have a subscription based model, since the content that was new two months ago is different from the content that's new today.

Anonymous asked: "Any chance for more hair transformations and hair styles? For example, beehives, afros, french twists, etc"

This is not a place to beg for new content. Anyway the answer is probably no because: a) I want everything in the game to have a meaningful gameplay impact, b) many of these it would be annoying to explain what bellybutton length hair etc. means and c) this would be a pain in the arse for the character windows.

Anonymous asked: "Do you like domestication/stepfordization?"

Sure, I can see the appeal. The 'taming of the shrew' style trope can be fetishized for sure. On its own it doesn't do much for me, but as part of a bimbofication process or some kind of BDSM relationship it's a welcome addition.

Anonymous asked: "What kind of music do you listen to?"

According to the thing I use to track my music plays, my top listened-to artists are Childish Gambino, Daft Punk, The Fratellis, Ok Go, and Muse. I've linked to my favourite of each of their songs. I've seen all of them live except Daft Punk.

Shadowphoenix41 asked: "Sorry that this is so long, I just have a couple of questions, also a suggestion or two. I won't take it personally if you don't read it, but if you do, thank you. I was wonder if the fox woman and fox ear, and a fox tail butt plug every be in public release (maybe someday)? Sorry if you've already answered this, but I'm not sure. Also will you ever add in pony girls or pony girl items (you know like pony tail butt plug, hooves for mittens, bit gag(maybe with reins), harness (maybe with bells to attract attention), and pony heels that doesn't have actual heels, so that they could throw you off balance and cause you to get tired more easily. (Maybe even a new enemy that's the only one who can take off the mittens but only if you do what she says. Or maybe if she beats you she'll or he'll put mittens on you and the harness and they could spawn the other items.)? Also will you make it to where you can see your hairstyle as a ponytail or pigtails on the drawn character, (You know where you can see the hair as either one rather than it just going straight down)? Please tell me what you think or if I should shorten or send these one at a time."

  1. Yes, 2) probably, 3) it already exists in the Wonderfuller window.

theodoreoverlord22 asked "Are you planning any new Air Inflation Traps? Like making it easier for someone to be a blimp like a hose jammed in the rear end.. Or new liquid inflation traps or methods? Like forcing someone to drink tons of water or forcing liquid into someones breasts?"

Nothing planned, no.

le reddit army xDxDxD asked "Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?"

Pretty confident I could outpace a horse sized duck on land.

Bob Bob asked: "What are your biggest kinks & what got you in to the idea of developing Trap Quest?"

My biggest kinks mostly tend to bottle down to D/s and humiliation. Bondage, cum covering, sissification, diapers, pregnancy, chastity, getting fucked by inhuman creatures, body enhancements... they can all be seen as inherently submissive and humiliating. Even basic things like anal fit nicely into these tropes - it's both degrading from a societal point of view, and also often is displeasurable for the receiver - which makes it focused on the Dom's pleasure. I also have a massive thing for games, gambles and risk-taking. For some reason, my favourite context for an unwilling participant being subjected to the kinks above is when they have made an active, measured decision to risk their body & dignity for attempted gain, monetary or otherwise. I guess maybe it's just a little less dark than fully unwilling (e.g. kidnapped) victims. Also, on a similar vein, I love predicaments - having to choose the lesser of two evils. Especially if there's an element of chance involved. From a more vanilla point of view, I love "hold the moan" type stuff. I've already answered the latter question above.

Bob Bob asked: "Have you ever been to a Furry Convention?"

No. Furry/anthro does nothing for me so if I went to one of these conventions it would be purely out of morbid curiosity or to make a documentary or something.

N P asked: "Has catering to other peoples' fetishes made you appreciate them more, tired you out on them, or otherwise altered your personal enjoyment?"

Definitely. I've discovered many things and further appreciated many things that fit into my core kinks of D/s and humiliation. Before TQ I considered diapers to be something purely for the enjoyment of infantilists, i.e. people who enjoyed mental age regression. But thanks to donations and requests during the early years of TQ, my eyes were opened to the fact that there's another entirely different side, to do with the submissive and humiliating nature of having your bodily functions under someone else's ownership - not to mention how cringeworthy they look, feel and sound, and force the wearer to walk.

I think in general there are some things to which people have automatic "gross" turn-off response to, even if in theory you should find them hot. But the more you're exposed to them the more the gross factor wears off, leaving you with the elements of the thing that turn you on. That's definitely happened to me with watersports, lactation and gaping to mention just a couple. There are still lots of things that I still find gross: body (e.g. armpit, leg) hair, farting, anything to do with blood, 3D scat (some 2D doesn't seem to turn me off much any more), amputees, doll joints, vore, heavy ryona, petrification and more. I wonder if I'll look at that list in ten years and realise I've changed.

N P asked: "Have you encountered any inordinately malicious or aggressive people in the community since you've taken on a higher profile?"

I'm struggling to think of anyone who has contacted me directly who was particularly awful, but the *chans are full of spiteful, angry anons who hate the fact that I'm making a living from what I do.

N P asked: "What's the origin of the name 'Aika'?"

At the time I was enjoying multiple things that had a character called Aika, including Skies of Arcadia and Agent Aika. And I'm afraid that's it. Nothing more complex than that.

Anonymous asked: "What's your top 5 favorite TrapQuest fetishes?"

If I had to only enable 5 fetishes, it would be, in priority order:
Extreme proportions
Inhuman creatures

Ethos asked: "What made you want to develop a NSFW inform style game?"

I already answered this above really; because I wasn't satisfied with what was already out there! Not enough "games" were actually fun, and Inform was both accessible to an amateur coder and also because a lot of my ideas were based on potential improvements to Bimbo Mall Battle.

Anonymouswastaken asked: "Where do you draw the line with diapers and sex?"

I don't really understand the question to be honest. I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but I still find the idea of sexual activity involving messed diapers pretty gross.

revrya asked: "a/s/l? Would you suck a dick irl? Which tabletop RPG system is best/your fav?"

I'm in my 20s and from the UK. I've got nothing against sucking dick IRL but I'm in a lifetime committed monogamous relationship with a woman so who knows if it'll ever happen. I am a big fan of both 3.5 and Serenity. I haven't really played Serenity enough though to conclude it's definitely better.

Anonymous asked: "Will there be more sissy or femboi stuff"

What do you think? Of course there will.

Pineapple Pizza asked: "I heard what you said you fucking bitch, I'll fucking destroy you anytime m8."

That's true, you are invincible because nobody in their right mind would want to eat you.

Anonymous asked: "Does P = NP?"

If I said yes, would you believe me?

Anonymous asked: "I've heard that having payments bounce is a big problem for erotic content creators on Patreon, how bad is this problem for you? Roughly what percentage of your monthly payments end up not going through?"

It's not not a problem, but it's pretty predictable that up to 20% of payments will decline each month, so you just have to factor that into your expected income.

Barry Bluejeans asked: "Do you have a background in Game Design? For a porn game, there is a huge amount of work that goes into balance, systems, and playstyles which is a pleasant departure from the usual "click buttons until porn shows up" fests. There's a lot of meaningful changes between patches, so I was curious if you are self-taught or did any kind of study or past work in "traditional" video games."

I'm purely self-taught, but I've been doing it for a long time. I have a passion for meaningful strategic diversity and risk vs reward decision-making, so that will hopefully shine through in anything I make.

Anonymous asked: "Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?"

What makes someone a boy and what makes them a girl?

Anonymous asked: "Do you like pineapple on pizza? This is important"

I agree it is important. It is a crime against humanity that pineapple is allowed to be put on pizza.

Anonymous asked: "What are your thoughts on moving TQ to a different (custom?) engine?"

Impractical and would take about a year. Anyone who tried would inevitably grow bored and fail to finish the project.

Anonymous asked: "(Would it be easy to/do you plan to/could you) add a flag that changes all males to futanari? Would it be as simple as adding a check in character.pronoun and character.description or something and a few find+replace like "male" -> character.gender, or would it be prohibitively difficult/you have no plans/desire to do that?"

It would not be easy at all. Everything throughout the code takes "male" to mean "definitely has a penis and definitely doesn't have a vagina" and "female" means vice versa. It would take forever to go through the code and change all that. Also there are some things that just wouldn't work at all like existing virginity mechanics, appearance mechanics, clothing outrage mechanics and other things that work differently depending on your gender. Additionally, people who have both penises and vaginas do extra nothing for me personally. A butt is just as good as a vagina, especially in fantasy land.

Anonymous asked: "how to get rid of fetish"

Sorry bro, fetishes are permanent both in TQ and the real world.

Anonymous asked: "What is a major goal you are trying to achieve next?"

I assuming you mean TQ content, in which case the answer is that I will soon start looking at making the 4th core region of the game. However I'm also working on several other things, including a fully diaper focused version of TQ, a completely new game, and also I'm looking into ways to diversify my income in case Patreon kicks me off. Once I have multiple guaranteed sources of revenue, then I can completely quit my day job (I'm currently part time) and become a full time smut peddler.

Eldestdawn asked: "Where did you get the idea for Trap Quest? I love the game and am wondering how you came up with the idea."

The only real inspiration for the theme of TQ comes from the hentai manga Prina the Dungeoneering Princess, which I know is ironic because I was just talking about how futa doesn't really add anything for me. To clarify I love cocks and boobs; whether or not there is a vagina doesn't matter to me. But anyway after the first half of the first chapter of that manga it went a completely different way from where I'd hoped. I just wanted more and more of pages 8 and 9, and pages 22 and 23.

Merlin asked: "If you could add one thing to the game, regardless of audience reception and difficulty to implement, what would it be? I'm curious about your true vision."

Audience reception? There would be no cheats, no way to undo or save or anything like that. Difficulty to implement? There would be some kind of online multiplayer interaction - probably some kind of semi-permanent world where you can find other players' abandoned bimbos and steal the stuff they left behind. Oh, and obviously the game would be fully graphical and playable in VR :P

Karl Drogo asked: "Do you ever feel like you can't think of ideas? If so where would be the best place for me to submit ideas I think of?"

Thinking of ideas has never been a problem for me. That having been said, sometimes people have even better ideas that I hadn't thought of yet. The reddit thread is probably still the best place to compile suggestions.

Anonymous asked: "Has anyone tried to dox you?"

Not that I know of. I don't really have any enemies, because I'm such a nice person. :3

Bob Tuesday asked: "How has your life changed since TrapQuest; really how are you?"

When I started making Trap Quest I was a student struggling through uni just making a game for free in my spare time who had just got a new girlfriend. Then people started sending me money in return for adding the content they wanted. Then someone suggested I make a Patreon. That brings us to the present day - I rent a flat, I have a high spec laptop, I've been on a few nice holidays, I am about to buy a car, I have a loving fiancee, an accountant, and things are going great. I currently have a huge amount of debt to the taxman, but that's my own fault for overspending.

Anonymous asked: "What do you do in your free time? (other than develop TQ)"

To be honest a horrendous amount of my free time is spent working on TQ or related projects. Other than that I watch a lot of Netflix, I play a bit of League of Legends (platinum) and Hearthstone (Legend), and play a decent number of boardgames with my IRL friends.

Anonymous asked: "What's up next on the todo list for Trap Quest?"

My TODO list has lots of little things and one major thing as I mentioned above: work on the next major region.

D4113R asked: "How do you get into the more .. 'creative mood'? What prompts idea-generation, and what's the process from original idea, to finished product/feature? :)"

I think I've never experienced writer's/creator's block to be honest. Ideas fly through my brain 24/7 and it's all I can do to try and get as many of them down on paper as possible before I forget them.

Anonymouswastaken asked: "How would you rank the TQ fetishes from favorite to least favorite?"

For me it would be:

Extreme proportions
Artificial Enhancements
Egg laying
Weight gain

selkie asked: "What do you and your partner think of Stjepan Sejic's Sunstone graphic novels? (Do you have any favourite shared adult reading material?)"

They're hot. I should share them with my partner to be honest, and see.

As for my own favourite reading material… gosh. Back in the day I was fascinated by Thndrshrk (extreme BDSM), especially his story Casino, probably because of the risk vs reward gambling element to it.

I've favourited a few stories on Literotica in my time, including I want to play a game (a short four-part series about a Saw-type game where people are turned into bimbos if they can't succeed at the challenge), Everyone's a winner (the same guy with a similar theme), Housebound (four women are subjected to bondage and forced orgasms, with some delicious predicament bondage at times), Interview with a Tentacle Demon (a [sentient, intelligent] tentacle monster fucks a lot of people, and ends up building an almost loving relationship with one researcher)

Finally, hentai mangas - I've enjoyed a lot of what john k. pe-ta has drawn, just for the craziness of it (body deformation, watersports, puking and more), My Balls (guy has lots of various demon girls trying to make him cum) was a hell of a ride, and St Margareta Academy (body modification including supergiant tits, sensitivity increasing, predicament bondage) is probably the most extreme thing I've found parts of it hot but iirc it had some extreme loli and guro which made me stop reading (and not want to link it).

Deadman asked: "Marvel or DC?"

I like both, if I had to choose it would be Marvel. But Batman is probably my favourite character overall so it'd be difficult.

crashtestdummy asked: "Is there a planned "finished" state for TQ, such as a planned "X-number of dungeons/bosses/endings/versions"? Or are you guys just taking development more step-by-step with smaller milestones?"

There's a planned "Trap Quest 1.0" as it were where all the originally intended features will exist. But I don't think development will ever cease!

Chastislut asked: "What is the last digit of pi? What came first the chicken or the bible? If you were a woodchuck, how much wood could you chuck? Do you consider cereal to be a soup? Think we may ever see a poppers trap, a variant on the pink smoke that only raises how horny you are?"

The answer to the first four are classified. The pink smoke does raise horniness some of the time ("you feel tingly inside") but I doubt there will be a version that only does that.

Lupin asked: "Are you absolutely sure you're not secretly God? The evidence is starting to pile up…"

All I'm saying is that if I was God, and it was a secret, I wouldn't tell you.

Lupin asked: "What's your go to TQ class?"

For winning, the virgin warrior is probably the best bet at the moment so I'll head in that direction if possible. The class I think is the hottest is probably the royal slave. Even though I don't care much for lactation, the idea of being used as a moving, living milk storage device is very hot to me.

Lupin asked: "How many horny Bimbos does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"

Tee-hee, "screw".

Anonymous asked: "If you could make bimbos or be one what would you choose?"

Make, I think.

Hitler asked: "How old is your dick?"

As far as I can tell, most of the atoms have probably been around for quite a few million years at least.

Anonymous asked: "more content about public toilet class?"

Really now, that's low effort even for content beggers, isn't it. You should be ashamed.

Anonymous asked: "You don't have to answer this one, but you can comment on it anyway if you'd like to. It's just something I found at the local supermarket that distinctly reminded me of the work you do for us here. I didn't believe my eyes. If it's not clear from the others in the background, no one else did either. Here we go. A news entry!

It's 2017, metrosexuality is normal now, clearly :D

Blobbyfatcat asked: "I was wondering if weight would become more a factor in Trap Quest sometime? You can get really fat, but no enemy tries to force it on you and no enemy is really fat that uses their weight to pin you down and such. It'd be a great inclusion to the diaper stuff since the easiest way to gain weight is to be fed tons by the matron."

The problem with this is because I don't subscribe to the fetish myself I find it challenging to write about :) but I imagine this should be doable so it may happen sometime.

Anonymous asked: "What not the close friends thing you do}?"

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Crea asked: "Would you ever consider adding 'Examine doorway' commands so you could search(and disable) traps before walking through a doorway? INT check to find, DEX check to disable? Or for something like a tripwire which you can always see, why do you keep setting it off?"

I purposefully avoided this because I didn't want to punish people for not doing something as boring and repetitive as searching for traps at every doorway.

Shadowphoenix asked: "Can you explain what the trainee bra was?"

Not really, I haven't looked at it fully, it's something MG is developing I think.

Anonymous asked: "Do you feel making Trap Quest has helped you explore your sexuality/try new things, or have you been overwhelmed by the different contents and turned off from experimenting ?"

I guess I kind of already answered this, but in case there's any doubt, the answer is definitely the former.

Anonymous asked: "What question do you wish you were asked, and how would you answer it?"

What's my favourite board game? Good question! The answer is Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game. I've been playing it regularly since 2009 and have never gotten board. I mean bored.

Anonymous asked: "What are your favourite (indie and not) porn games?"

Trap Quest. Oh what, that's not allowed? Erotical Night and Fairy Fighting.

Anonymous asked: "Hate to copy someone else, but: Would you rather fight 100 dick sized horses or 1 horse sized dick?"

I don't understand why you'd ask a duplicate question on purpose. Do you want the answer to be typed out twice?

Anonymous asked: "Do you ever play/masturbate to TrapQuest yourself? I know a lot of artists can't get off to their own work so I was wondering if it's a similar thing with you."

I don't suffer from this at all. The game is still hot. I think the randomised nature of everything keeps the game from getting stale, even for me.

Anonymous asked: "What's your favorite game mechanic of TrapQuest? What was the most infuriating thing to code?"

To be honest I'm still quite proud of how the stance mechanic turned out, where NPCs use you once you're on your knees. It allowed for lots of interesting gameplay risks - going around on your knees can help avoid traps but makes meeting NPCs a pain in the ass. Anything that can drop you to your knees can be very risky, including kicking and orgasms. Two NPCs fighting you is usually really challenging if either of them has a trip attack. It just works really well.

The most infuriating thing to code is images, especially character window stuff, it's just hours upon hours of renaming and resizing files, and then coding in the logic to make sure they only appear when appropriate. Before my massive NPC AI code rework, NPC AI was a bitch to code and make bug free. And right now, clothing layering is turning out to be a massive bitch of a task to get right.

Anonymous asked: "This is random but are you a dog or cat person?"

I'm a cat person, I don't do well with anything high maintenance. I am very independent and appreciate it when others are as well, including pets.

Anonymous asked: "Do you think you'll ever "finish" TrapQuest? Like get to a point where you will not do anymore updates to it?"

I think there will be a point where my personal contributions slow down compared to their current rate, but I doubt there'll be a point for a very long time where nobody is working on new content for TQ.

Wankenstein's Monster asked: "Why is there not a 2 inch size for dicks?"

There was when I originally made the scale, because I just made each integer value correspond to that many inches. But almost immediately I decided I wanted a size in between 0 and 1. So, 2 became 1-inch, and 1 became less-than-1-inch.

Anonymous asked: "Hello Aika, I love the game. I have a two part question, 1)Are you going to put more rest rooms like the princesses bedroom in and 2)Be able to bring key items to upgrade the rooms?"

Ah, the art of the subtle suggestion. You guys are even lucky I'm answering these questions. The answer to both is maybe.

Anonymous asked: "If you could magically gain the equivalent knowledge of a master's level degree in any field, what would you choose?"

Probably a foreign language, and probably Japanese.

Suzaku asked: "How does making a game with adult content affect the way you design/balance it? (As opposed to making a game without adult content.)"

Well since most people are still primarily motivated to play the game for its erotic content, it means that balance is less of a constant urgent necessity. Similarly, we don't have to spend days on acceptance testing each day because in general people are quite tolerant about bugs. The only other thing of note is that when making a normal game, it's an automatic assumption that all game elements should have some kind of gameplay impact. With adult games, you have to keep reminding contributors and fans of this goal.

Ajax (Not Francis) asked: "Are you planning/already working on other games to do after Trap Quest? If so, could you share any information on them?"

Indeed I am. I'll copy and paste from my recent Patreon post: "I have also spent a bit of time this month developing a proof of concept for the next big project I'm hoping to tackle. Don't worry, TQ will never stop being updated for as long as we're live here on Patreon, but the truth of the matter is that I have bigger hopes than only TQ for this Patreon page. I now have the funding and the capability to really smash the current ceiling of the indie H games domain, and I want to make that dream happen before Patreon crashes and burns for whatever inevitable reason. I don't want to reveal too much at this early point, but my next game will be playable on your Android phone and in your browser, and will be a semi-real-time multiplayer experience with animated sprites and the whole works. To understand what I mean by semi-real-time, think of Town of Salem or Epic Mafia or games like that. Turn-based, but with short time limits between turns."

Dr. Turn Coat asked: "Would you rather fight one horse sized duck, or one hundred duck sized horses?"


bumbleboo asked: "Diapers or Panties? Why are you such a big baby? ;)"

Why not both? :D I think I would choose panties on boys and diapers on girls. Does that make me weird? I think that makes me weird. It's just that panties on girls are boring, because it's not humiliating. I am a switch but tend to end up domming slightly more than subbing, so I enjoy witnessing others suffer humiliation at least as much as I fantisise about it happening to myself. Err, I mean enjoy humiliation. Or why not both?

Jack hoffalot asked: "Would you ever consider making a superhero/heroine class? Super strong, strong enough to kill most everything in one hit, but as clumsy and stupid as they are strong. Along the lines of a bimbo supergirl, who can't walk two steps without falling, can fly above the floor which causes a lot of Fatigue, and can also take the biggest of insertions with little soreness increase."

I mean the way you suggested the class seems a bit of an extreme min-max. But in theory a superheroine class is possible.

Anonymous asked: "What are your fetishes irl? Are your game(s) inspired by them?"

As I've already discussed in probably way too much detail, most of my kinks centre around D/s and humiliation. I also have a rather all-encompassing obsession with anal. My games are of course inspired by these!

Anonymous asked: "if you had to choose an ending, what would be your least desired?"

As in for myself personally? I guess it would have to be selkie's remote controlled ending. You get put back in the game but this time you're not even in control of your own actions…

Anonymous asked: "What are you doing for Valentine's Day? What is your favourite direction? How much does his go? Is this game ever going to run faster? Do you take any nootropics?"

I think we're just going to dine in for Valentine's day. My favourite direction is up (the butt). I don't understand the 3rd or 5th questions. The game will probably never run faster. If you're not using Windows Git already, I would suggest making the switch.

Skree asked: "A big part about bimbo is the intelligence loss but the game doesn't seem to have many ways to lose intelligence, in fact The character usually ends up smarter. What do you think about this?"

I would say that you underestimate the number of people who are happy for a bimbo to be smart, or at least fully "at home" in the head. In TQ one of the main ways the player loses intelligence is that once they hit maximum sex addiction, further orgasms decrease intelligence. So it does happen, but lots of it is right at the end.

Krysis asked: "What flavor of ice cream would you taste like?"

Coffee. Because I drink way too much of it.

NeedforSteve asked: "What inspired you to make Trapquest, and why a sexy roguelight?"

I guess I can talk briefly about why I went for a roguelike. I think a problem with many games, and pretty much every erotic game, is that there's not enough replayability, because every playthrough is pretty much exactly the same. I wanted to buck that trend, and make something that you could keep playing and it would be different every time. Also, what kept me coming back to roguelikes in the past is that they were so difficult to beat! So I wanted to make sure that this game was difficult too. Plus, that way you can try and win and still experience the bimbofication, because in reality you'll probably actually still lose. Whereas with most games, you have to purposefully lose in order to see the good stuff.

Frogbomb asked: "this game is extraordinarily similar to the fantasies i would daydream about in the past, exploring a dungeon full of traps that affected the adventurer in a large variety of creative ways, specifically feminizing them. so i'm curious, how did the inspiration to make this game come about? (Also I appreciate you creating this game, it is a cup of fresh water in an otherwise barren desert when it comes to "actually good" fetish fantasy games)"

Thanks for the kind words. As previously mentioned, Prina the Dungeoneering Princess probably helped inspire a lot of the theme. And obviously while a lot of the mechanics map across to other roguelikes, the way that the sexual parts of the game are actually part of the adventuring mechanics was all me.

Anonymous asked: "What do you look like? No picture needed, just a general description."

By day I look like a 6ft tall 18 stone black man, believe it or not.

Anonymous asked: "Have you ever received threats from other porn makers, site owners or other unscupulous persons fearing you might steal a portion of their customers ?"

No, not at all. I have however rejected lots of requests by others who wish to take the source code and do their own thing with it.

Librarianon asked: "What features would you like to add into TQ but can't because of coding limitations?"

I would love it if images could be procedurally generated and manipulated at runtime, it would make it much easier to make clothing for the window then. Also, animated images would be cool.

xDyaN asked: "Will you ever think about making a mod sorta version of the game without male enemies, having all of them substituted with futas/shemales?"

If you pay for all the art for all the NPCs, sure.

Anonymous asked: "More clothing items when?"

When I feel like it.

Anonymous asked: "What is your favourite scene you've implemented into the game?"

Good question. I put a lot of love into the tentacle scene at the lake and it still makes me go "sigh", unzip most of the time, so maybe that. I feel similarly about the patron scenes, especially when there's four or five of them.

I'm also particularly proud of the Gameshow epilogue, although it's still unfinished.

Anonymous asked: "What is your favorite meme?"

A tough one between a cat is fine too and satan guide my cock

Avoxs asked: "What games do you enjoy playing? (Deviant and otherwise)"

Since I've already talked loads about deviant, I'll talk more about non-deviant. Apart from LoL and Hearthstone, I also really enjoy Rocket League when I can. I also play a bit of online NLH poker and Riichi Mahjong. Games that I used to play to a high level but haven't played for ages include: Smash Bros (mainly brawl), Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Team Fortress 2, Epic Mafia and a super obscure online zombie game called Quarantine 2019.

As might be obvious from that list, single player games aren't really my thing. I don't find stuff super fun unless I'm playing against a real person.

Epoch asked: "Are there any particular artists or other media creators you take inspiration from? What convinced you to start this project in the first place? Any info on your next project?"

I think in terms of "ooh I want to steal that idea and use it myself", the Majalis team probably win there, both the art and the writing. I think the Gadgeteer they recently drew the art for is a great idea and I think I might have to have a sex toy focused NPC in my game at some point. I think the latter two questions have already been fully addressed in earlier answers!

Danipatel asked: "Where was the original idea behind trap quest? or Are you planning to make other games similar to trap quest? (choose a question an answer away)"

To answer the latter one, I guess it depends what you mean by similar. TQ occupies its own space - I see little point making a game too similar when I could just expand on TQ. I do have plans to make more games that focus on D/s humiliation and body transformation, with a focus on the gameplay experience and on strategic diversity, so in that sense yes.

Tchack asked: "I Aika i would to askyou if you think about do a "sandbox" mod with any other thing to "live" a long and slowly transformation ? and if you always think about translate the game in french (i send you a mail for this few months ago) By a French fan"

This game is not a sandbox game. And sorry if I didn't reply I get a lot of people asking this, it would be a really difficult job for you if the game was complete and having no further modifications, it's a completely impossible job considering how much everything gets edited all the time. By the time you finished translating it would be one year later and it would be impossible for you to carry over your translation to the new version in any straightforward manner.

rebelism asked: "Where did the original idea for Trap Quest come from?"

Wow, a lot of people wanted to know this! :D

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