Trap Quest Release 9 Version 3.1

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Main Download Page (including links to recommended interpreters)

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version

Known Significant Issues:

  • Danaume character window still has a few graphical quirks, but it's better than before!
  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Added a summoning circle in the dungeon, which will periodically spawn monsters only while the player is in the Dungeon themselves. This is the first step in experimenting with ways to make the spawning of monsters interactive.
    • If you throw items in the circle, or get in there yourself, you can temporarily keep the eventual monster appearance on hold.
    • Keep in mind, offering things to the circle means they're going to probably be destroyed.
    • Only jewellery and blessed clothing will reliably reduce the spawn timer.
    • We'll see how this mechanic is received and how well it works, and take the lessons learned to heart before making similar mechanics for the other regions.
  • Added mechanics to the statue in the woods. You can now periodically touch its head, hand or foot which usually gives int, strength and dex respectively. But each of the three options has a different alternate bad effect that happens 25% of the time.
  • Reworked the "Dominant Sex" system.
    • Instead of being offered sex automatically it will be up to you to decide if and when you want to try having sex with your combat partner. Like a Pokeball.
    • Just like the previous system, you will need to weaken your opponent first, otherwise they might turn the tables and punish you instead!
      • If you're having trouble timing things right, try increasing your strength, or increasing your dominance.
      • Some things inhibit your dominance, like your delicateness score and your sex addiction, so try to keep those things low or find ways to counteract them.
    • If you do get the tables turned on you, expect to have some clothes torn up and some jewlery taken away. Most monsters like to punish you in their own unique way, but for those few that decide you aren't even worth the trouble, the game will 'reward' you with sissy clothing or an increase to delicateness.
  • A rather experimental change has been made to butt slut, pussy slut, etc: rather than simply forcing all NPCs to use the body part in question whenever possible, each magical clothing / tattoo / enchantment simply affects the odds of that orifice being chosen.
    • It's still possible to get the odds of something down to 0, for example the default weighing of vagina is 5 and the chastity cage reduces desirability of vagina by 5, which would bring it down to 0 if no other vagina affecting enhancements are active.
    • Some side effects to this: breasts once big enough can now be selected by NPCs even without the player offering, and the NPCs have a bit of a better algorithm for deciding when to give up trying one method and switching to another.
    • This is the most recent change I made and I haven't had the time to properly test every single NPC in the game yet. It may be that one or two bug out in this new version. If so, let me know and I'll address it in a hotfix.
  • The mechanic now teaches his own skill, which allows you to prevent your natural submissiveness from getting in the way when you try to have sex.
  • Wrestlers are now much happier to have a turn on the bottom, but afterward, they will be much more determined to have a turn on top. Take too long to defeat a wrestler you've raped before, and she'll get a massive difficulty boost and some extra health, which she'll use to bring you down. This difficulty boost is permanent until she's able to fuck you, so if you can't handle a super powered wrestler running around the hotel, try finding a way to have her end the fight early.
  • Reworked trading with the chef.
    • Instead of taking multiple ingredients he takes one piece of food and upgrades it as long as you have money left in your "account". Try giving him different things!
  • The sword in the stone will now vary between several different swords.
    • The demon lord's living broadsword does great damage, but if you let it get too excited you might find it gets more use out of you than you get out of it.
    • The blade of the true woman can only be wielded by the strongest women. Make sure you can handle its burden before you try pulling it from the stone.
  • The pink spraybottle will now leave behind a handy washcloth if you ever manage to break it.
    • Work hard and you might even earn a replacement bottle for free.
    • The spraybottle will still do damage for a little while even if it runs out of juice.
    • Maids who don't spend enough time cleaning up messes will now have to deal with some rather nasty punishments.
  • Monsters will now prefer to use the cheerleader's mouth first over any other available holes.
  • Bukakes now have a small chance to remove a layer of makeup.
  • Some watersports scenes will now remove a layer of makeup.
  • The ability to vary pregnancy rate in the start menu is now a public feature.
  • Fixed a bug where the bag of holding could be permanently destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where the confident aeromancer could destroy literally every piece of clothing in the game.
  • Fixed a bug where an aeromancer would appear in the woods regardless of fetish options.
  • Fixed a bug where some npc-driven orgasms were not properly resetting the player's arousal.
  • Fixed a bug where resisting a vampiress in the final turn of sex could leave the player chained up forever.
  • Fixed a bug where kicking was only increasing fatigue if the player was wearing heels.
  • Fixed a bug where breast orgasms were causing male players to temporarily grow vaginas.
  • Fixed a bug where certain very rare dildos were sometimes being broken off from dildo traps.
  • Fixed a bug where polo-shirts could transform into stolen clothing.
  • Fixed a bug where cursed clothing could be used to "inspire" the tattoo machine without being removed.
  • Fixed a bug where the gladiator didn't get fed up at maximum breast size.
  • Fixed a bug where semen addicts would refuse to drink from the gloryhole.
  • Fixed the issue where enemas of potions were still giving the old effects.
  • Fixed a bug where transformation of sex toys would cause them to lose track of which orifice they were inside.
  • Fixed a bug with layering that was triggered when wearing underwear under a displaced skirt.
  • Fixed a bug where anal beads were not being properly "returned" to the player after possession.
  • Fixed a bug where goth mannequins were appearing too early
  • Fixed a bug where royal slaves could only cum whilst not having sex.

Patreon beta pledgers:

  • The hellhound collaring the player is now a beta feature.
  • The 'modules' are now a beta feature.
    • Deployed by the modification machine when the relevant body stat is at near maximum, these permanent modules give beneficial stats, I believe. To be honest I've never looked at the code too closely, Phaos made these :)

Patreon top pledgers:

  • Kicking whilst wearing pom-poms has a lower fatigue pentalty(sometimes none!)
  • Fixed a bug where bag lunches were breaking the law of conservation of mass.
  • Made a few mini-epilogues. Let me know which one you'd most like to see fleshed out.
    • Housewife training nintendolls job & housewife one year later
      • Overall bimbo and delicateness can't be too low, and sex addiction, humiliation and intelligence can't be too high.
    • Shoe saleswoman one year later
      • Small penis or female only, not too high delicateness or sex addiction, relatively high humiliation and heel skill.
    • "Free Use" Shipmate nintendolls job
      • Female only, low sex addiction, not too high humiliation, high strength, not too giant breasts
    • Race girl nintendolls job
      • Female only, not too high humiliation, not flatchested, low overall bimbo
    • Policewoman nintendolls job (incomplete)
      • Not too high sex addiction, lowish delicateness, highish humiliation, at least 5 strength gained during the game, small penis or female only.
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