Trap Quest Release 9 Version 3.2

The last two to three weeks I've been putting a lot of effort into not just balance but user experience. I want this game to get to a point where I am happy with how the game feels as an actual game, just not fap fodder. We're definitely not there yet but every new version feels like a step towards the game actually feeling nice to play rather than me getting frustrated at the controls, or the useless items I'm finding, and so on.

It's also impossible to make everyone happy! Every change I make seems to make someone upset, but others like the new functionality. So my thinking is, I'm just going to keep moving forward and see how that works out.

The one thing I'm currently brainstorming how to address is common loot. You get a lot of it, it makes your inventory massive, and most of it you never use. The summoning circle usage kind-of addressed the issue of this clothing's purpose but I didn't like the vibe - it felt too repetitive and not fun. What I want to do is make clothing much less permanent and much more likely to get destroyed since then there'd be a reason to have so many backups, but I know that some people would hate this as all they really want to do is dress up in their favourite items and stay that way. Maybe I should just make it a perk that you can enable, a bit like the current fashion victim one.

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Main Download Page (including links to recommended interpreters)

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version

Known Significant Issues:

  • Danaume character window still has a few graphical quirks, but it's better than before!
  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Keriax window now kneels with the player!
  • Demoness cutscene images from Icarus!
  • The summoning circle only accepts blessed or fluid-stained clothing, so instead of you just chucking all your spare clothing in there, it's only the cumrags and soiled panties we're interested in now!
  • You can no longer be tripped by NPCs while slapping just because you're wearing unsteadying clothing (e.g. cursed stockings), unless you're also wearing heels.
  • Hugely increased the chances of a positive result from using the modification machine.
  • Buffed the identify skill so that you'll actually identify a meaningful number of cursed items.
  • Tweaked the diminishing returns on increased strength, dex and intelligence, so that training your stats is a bit more meaningful and noticeable.
    • The other numbers in the game haven't been rebalanced against this so hopefully you'll find the game a little easier. Hopefully not too easy.
  • Shop clothing is now identified so you know what's got a good magical enhancement and therefore worth the dosh.
  • The altar now gives you an idea of its charge: fully glowing means you're definitely safe, softly glowing means it's either close to being safe or recently became safe (i.e. you can risk it if you want!) and not glowing means it's definitely not safe.
  • The woods altar now only blesses worn and cursed things. If you have no worn cursed items, it instead increases your lowest stat. This is 50% as an attempt to help improve balance and 50% to avoid a really convoluted optimal play where you should remove and drop all items except for the one you want blessed.
  • Attempted to force a smoothing of the RNG with regards to items found in containers. Essentially, it should be less likely that something will appear the more of them already exist in the game world. This means that the more cans you ignore or hold onto, the less likely you are to find more; consider factoring this into your decisions of whether to leave them or take them with you!
    • It also kind of gives you a new reason to take rubbish items with you - if you can find a way to destroy them (spawning circle, inspiration machine, etc.) then you'll be slightly increasing the chances of future ones being spawned.
  • On a similar but slightly different vein, a lot more super slutty items have been marked as "unique", i.e. they won't appear in containers. It used to be that containers were the only realistic way that certain items would appear, but thanks to the recently developed transformation mechanics that is no longer the case.
    • Added a few new items to try and make the the containers feel more varied.
  • The pink wardrobe no longer has a completely random array of items that are more likely to be cursed, instead it has a more regimented array of clothing (one of each basic type) which will nearly all be bland, but could be cursed with the normal 1 in 8 likelihood.
  • Rather than requiring low delicateness, it's high anal / vaginal sex addiction that increases the tolerance of your fuckholes and increases the number of turns of sex you can handle until you risk fainting.
    • Once you start to get those messages saying that you're steeling your mind, it's just raw delicateness that decides how long you can do this for (you can't steel your mind when at maximum delicateness, and each time raises it by 1).
    • Sex addiction only decreases if it's higher than delicateness.
  • Tried to make the final boss have some more interesting decisions to make:
    • Bulging slutty sister:
      • The smaller her belly, the stronger she gets.
      • There's no longer a risk of failing to pleasure her when she's empty.
      • You shouldn't be able to suffocate before making her cum unless you resist the sex.
      • The larger her belly, the more semen addiction you'll need to not be overwhelmed by the amount you've consumed and faint (unchanged).
      • Essentially you need to try and weight up how much semen you can stomach if you lose compared to how strong you want her to be!
    • Futanari slutty sister:
      • The duration of the sex decreases the more damaged she is (unchanged).
      • The futanari sister ignores the "sex doesn't result in fainting" option if you have it enabled.
      • Can't stand the heat? Damage her to make it less likely you'll faint before she cums.
  • Snacks can now be found in chests again, with some degree of rarity. The more you find, the less common they'll get. They can be eaten immediately for the below effects or upgraded into chef foods with the robochef (give him jewellery then give him a snack). The chef food will increase strength, dex, int and reduce delicateness regardless of quality. But you'll still get the negative effects of the low quality food if it is low quality, which usually involves ingesting some semen.
    • Banana: +1 dex
    • Apple: +1 int
    • Crisps: +1 strength
    • Lemon: +1 semen addiction, -2 delicateness
    • Nuts: -1 delicateness
  • The game will now ask if you wish to automatically displace your clothing before you pee.
  • At 11 or higher difficulty, mannequins can acquire a dildo to use for fucking you instead of relying solely on fingers.
    • Depending on the size of the dildo and how high her difficulty is, the mannequin may leave the dildo inside you and go back to good old manual dexterity.
  • Added another type of dildo which changes color based on its current magical enchantment.
  • The mechanic now has a bit of added consistency to whether or not he will transform:
    • If he receives the amulet from a priestess, or someone wielding (not just holding) a totem purity, he will stay human and always give out a reward. What a nice guy!
    • Offering infernal gems to the mechanic will now speed him along in his transformation, but if you get greedy when he eventually rewards you for your help, he'll transform without needing an amulet at all.
    • Taking the wrong deal with a demoness will not affect the mechanic's eventual transformation.
  • The demoness is now much less discerning about her "deals." Offer her any hole while she's in the mood and she'll happily pay you to use it.
    • If you're a virgin, she'll offer a special payment in exchange for the chance to break you in. You stand to lose your soul and receive a huge increase to some of your addictions, but you'll get a boost to your strength and dexterity as well.
    • If you're pregnant, she offers an emergency plan 'B' if you let her use your pussy, but keep in mind that there's a price on every business opportunity. Once again, expect some changes to how you handle your addiction to sex. Also, she won't wear condoms, and she won't refund your "money" if you immediately get pregnant again with something else.
  • Now that difficulty has changed around a bit, the demoness will no longer feel the need to fuck you until she runs out of juice (unless you're really fun to torture, for whatever reason). Submit like a good slut for a punishment that lasts half as long.
  • The demon broadsword will now get "turned on" at roughly twice its original speed.
    • The demon broadsword is a bit more unpredictable with how long it takes to transform.
    • The demon broadsword will now "calm down" twice as fast for priestesses (and twice as eager when it transforms).
    • The player's thirst will now affect their ability to yank the broadsword out of their mouth.
  • Looking at the summoning circle when it is active will now give a hint towards what type of monster it will produce next.
  • "Evil" items like demon horns, demon tail plugs, or infernal gems are no longer compatible with the altar in the dungeon. Find another one or you'll be punished simply for trying.
  • The djinn will no longer offer his deal to the priestess, cultist, or the succubus (although he'll change his tone if he ever sees you between jobs)
  • The djinn has a much lower chance of reducing your dex if there is indeed an item of clothing for him to transform.
  • Halved the number of vines that spawn. They were just a little bit too annoying and prevalent.
  • Expanded the "on damage" text for most monsters.
  • The starting tank now only has one dose. It's supposed to be just to get you started, not a crazy huge amount of help!
  • Addressed an issue where you couldn't rest on the royal bed when at full health, even though you might just want to instantly recover all fatigue.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not remove gloves.
  • Attempted to address an issue where the high resolution status bar was getting cut off on the right hand side.
  • Fixed a bug where you could interact with the woods statue again without waiting for it to recharge.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrestler was getting her difficulty boost way too early(and without properly taking a turn on the bottom)
  • Fixed a bug where eating a toffee would sometimes cause incorrect messages to appear every turn.
  • Fixed a bug where the dolly tattoo was almost always being picked by the inspiration machine.
  • Fixed a run-time error that would sometimes happen when the player was masturbating in the presence of a friendly npc.
  • Fixed an issue where some fairy cutscenes were appearing even when images were disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where people using the "use" command very liberally were having problems when semen taste addiction was too high - the code where the player refuses to drink anything but semen was preventing lots of other uses of the "use" command.
  • Fixed a bug where repeated failed dominant sex moves were failing to spawn sissy items.
  • Fixed an issue where many panties shared the same text identifier.
  • Fixed a bug where failing dominant sex was not properly spawning clothes for the player.
  • Fixed a bug where the pink spraybottle could never punish the player.
  • Fixed a bug where getting hungry was not interrupting a long wait.
  • Fixed a bug where long wait could sometimes send a living sex doll into an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a bug where the robomaid's name was sometimes being improperly displayed in-game.
  • Fixed a bug where some skirts could not be replaced after being hiked up.

Accidentally undocumented from previous version:

  • Some more stuff from Icarus, notably traps and the fairy.
  • Significantly reduced the prison guard's sentence duration.

Beta tester Patrons:

  • You can now encounter the gargoyle in the Mansion.

Alpha tester Patrons:

  • Sissy Slave Slave / "Filth Box" guest epilogue by Nexia (requires a male with less than 15/20 overall bimbo)
  • Added the demon codpiece.
    • This item can be obtained via crafting, or as an occasional reward for bringing the mechanic his trusty amulet.
    • Successfully dominate a female NPC for a boost to your strength and dexterity.
    • Kill an NPC you could have fucked, or wait willingly for an NPC to take advantage of you, and you'll get a punishment.
    • Most of these punishments will make you weaker or sluttier in some way, but take too much and your favorite hotel manager will take away the codpiece along with all the power you've charged it up with.
  • The djinn, when messing with you (i.e. if you wished for a suck of his cock), may cause your transformed items of clothing to increase in magic strength. This will need careful balancing which is why you guys get this first.
  • The "refresh" debug command now works on clothing and essentially resets it as if it was brand new, including randomising its influences, curse, magic enhancements, and so on.
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