Trap Quest Release 9 Version 3.3

Hi all, thanks for your patience while I polished this version. The main thing I've been working on is only available to alphas right now but depending on feedback might make its way through the beta > public pathway pretty fast, because I personally think it really improves the gameplay experience. I'm calling it "imprinting", and it's explained down below in the final part of the changelist.

The motivation came from trying to find a solution to the problem of players having their inventory fill up with loads of clothing, most of it useless junk. Of course I could implement harsh inventory limits or I could massively increase the number of containers with nothing in them but that's not going to make the game more fun. So I went for something which still makes the effects of clothing just as meaningful (in fact you could say the stakes are even higher) but the clothes themselves are more... temporary. So you'll be needing your spares!

Download Links:

There's now a hotfixed version here!

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Reduced the amount that high specific sex addiction (e.g. anal sex addiction) affects the minimum level of overall sex addiction.
    • Before, at 10/10 anal sex addiction, overall sex addiction would automatically be set to a minimum of 20/20. Now it will instead be automatically set to a minimum of 10/20.
  • Addressed both the balance issues and the potential infinite loop issues with the asshook.
  • Shopkeeper NPCs are now much less pleased to meet a vixen on their turf.
  • The unfriendly robobutlers may sometimes decide the player looks like a criminal, and after applying some restraints, drag you to the hotel manager for a proper punishment.
  • Vixens will now get an intelligence bonus based on the number of stolen things they are currently wearing.
  • Vixens in bondage will periodically have something unlocked for free.
  • The kitsune will now spawn in the mansion in the public version.
  • During the endgame description of body changes, there's now a 3D rendered image by Avi that varies by breast and hip size and whether the player is permanently fake-pregnant.
  • Confident Aeromancers will now be a little nicer to players that already have a lot of air in their bodies.
  • Clothing should now tell you what stat influencing effects they have at the moment you wear them, as well as when they are examined.
  • NPCs are now only delayed by you displacing clothing if you're already on your knees. Hiking up your skirt to kick better shouldn't be a free action!
  • There is now less boring bog standard clothing. That is, all clothing has an even higher change of having something interesting, e.g. blessed, cursed, +X or -X.
    • For those of you who like numbers: Essentially the game gives items a +1, +0 or -1 with equal likelihood, and it does this five times. So the items have a range of up to -5 and +5, normally distributed around 0.
    • I believe the chance of finding a +5 item is 1 in 243.
  • There's now a line of flavour that lets you know how high the NPC's trip chance is. To give you a better idea of when to stop kicking until they make their trip attack.
  • Pacifiers should appear much less frequently with diaper fetish turned off.
  • The notebook should now be craftable in the public version.
  • Tweaked damage numbers to make combat slightly more forgiving.
  • Fixed an issue where the demoness was sometimes referred to as a male.
  • Fixed an issue where the mindflayer would be declared as dead as soon as it spawned.
  • Fixed a bug where the wasp swarm could go into negative numbers.
  • Fixed a bug where the airhancer could be removed manually.
  • Fixed a bug where the demoness could only release you early if her difficulty and her excitement were zero.
  • Fixed a bug where the gargoyle would get confused if she was attacked by a female player and beat them.
  • Fixed an issue where players with low int could never learn the identify skill (and were just told they were in a stressed state).
  • Fixed a bug where some one-turn masturbation sessions weren't actually triggering an orgasm.
  • Fixed a bug where all monsters in the entire game universe were getting reset when the hotel was first entered.
  • Fixed a bug where opening a pedestal was sometimes not causing time to pass.
  • Fixed an issue where the research "air"hancer could be removed.
  • Fixed a run-time error that sometimes occurred when the player was wearing an anal plug.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would tell the player they had fang when actually they didn't.
  • Fixed an issue where the spraybottle would continuously punish particularly lazy/unlucky maids.
  • Fixed an issue where the vixen's dexterity bonus was not actually being applied was not actually being applied.
  • Fixed a bug where clothing marked as strength, dexterity, intelligence and heel skill influencing were actually doing... nothing. Big oops.
  • Fixed a bug where the dominatrix was no longer summoning patrons properly during the stocks paddling scene.
  • Fixed some graphical issues with kneeling in the Keriax window.
  • Fixed an issue where the kitsune's disguised form wasn't getting hyperlinks.

July 2017 top donators:

  • "Imprinting" is here! But for a short while it'll be alpha while I get some initial feedback on how it's shaping up.
    • When any worn clothing is destroyed, any magical enhancements or reductions that clothing was giving you is immediately applied to your permanent stats.
      • There are a few exceptions. Totems of purity for example, when they dissolve to prevent sex addiction gains, don't also provide stat boosts.
      • Humilation enhancing / suppressing effects do not cause permanent humiliation gain or loss on imprinting since they don't affect the player by flat amounts but rather affect the rate of gain of humiliation.
    • The knife is now able to cut through anything except bondage, however it now has a cooldown before it can be used again.
      • In this way it could be considered a periodical "imprinter", you can use it to make the +3 strength your maid dress is giving you permanent.
    • Transformation effects can now destroy clothing if there have been multiple attempts to transform it without success.
      • While you are a certain class, the relevant clothing is flagged as 'untransformable' once it reaches its sluttiest form, so transformation effects won't destroy your class gear.
      • There used to be clothing that transformed only after 2 - 3 successful attempts but these have all been changed to 1.
      • I plan to introduce some mechanic by which you can protect your favourite item(s) of clothing from transforming and therefore destruction by this method. But this hasn't been done yet.
  • The condom rolls bag of holding now acts as a condom pack, providing infinite condoms.
    • So when you get to the end of the bag of holding transformation chain, you've essentially unlocked a new ability and class!
  • The demon lord's condom now has a chance of popping off during sex.
  • Updated the demon lord's creampie flavour when he's wearing a condom.
  • The dominatrix can now be targeted for "dominant sex". She's quite dignifying as a sex partner, but she knows better than anyone how to punish a sub for being uppity.
  • Fixed a bug where the robomaid's name was not properly being displayed in game.
  • Added the "orgasm" command that, well, yeah.
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