Trap Quest Release 9 Version 4.2

In order to avoid the compiler crashing I've had to split up the drawn version into the three different character windows. This seemed like a good time to make the Wonderfuller window available to the public.

Download Links:

Main Download Page (including links to recommended interpreters)

MEGA Mirrors: Danaume Version, Keriax Version, Wonderfuller Version and Porn Version

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Imprinting is now available (and recommended) for everyone.
  • Appearance ratings are now a bit more harsh. A single super slutty item is enough to sky-rocket your rating. Those thigh-high latex boots don't just make you a 'cutie' any more.
  • Patrons now have full titfuck scenes rather than it always being one-turn wonders.
  • Some new prologue images from Icarus, with a variant depending on whether your starting character is male or female.
    • And as people on the #patrons Discord channel will know, we've got some cool stuff coming up.
  • Most class outfits will now destroy clothing in its way if necessary the first time it spawns.
  • Since squatting (expelling) is now something doable by all players right from the start, the wrestler needed a new skill. So now she teaches you to relax during sex, further reducing the chances of soreness increases when you submit.
  • Traps should no longer spawn in the final boss room.
  • Fixed a huge bug where stats weren't scaling as intended and many strength, dexterity and intelligence values from 5 and 20 were being treated as 5. Not even joking. This has been the case for like a year. Anyway now it's fixed, the game (especially combat) is going to feel too easy again so stuff will probably require some rebalancing.
  • Fixed a bug where the wrestler urinal and airborne in the woods scenes were causing an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a bug where the real size of breasts wasn't increasing as fast as intended.
  • Fixed a bug where the gladiator failed dominance text would sometimes display twice in a row
  • Fixed a run-time error that would sometimes occur when the player offered certain items to the wishing well
  • Fixed an issue where the sword of purity was being inconsistent in the way it transformed
  • Fixed an issue where "pull" would only work on the sword of purity and not any of the other swords
  • Fixed an issue where the blade of womanhood description wasn't providing enough information
  • Fixed a bug were the blade of womanhood was too easy to remove from the stone
  • Fixed a bug where the wasp antennae was never removable, even with a low wasp count.
  • Fixed a bug where pom-poms weren't spawning with a +1 if the player's asshole was unprotected. Also bumped it up to a +2.

Beta Testers:

  • Condoms are available for testing. When you obtain the condom rolls bag at the end of the transformation sequence, you will start getting a prompt to ask lovers to wear condoms.
  • The starting headgear option is available for beta testers.

Alpha Testers:

  • Nintendolls R&D Labs are proud to announce the alpha release of a new challenge for its happy and intrepid players. Although it may lead to some sticky situations, Nintendolls' Smart Glue(TM) should enhance your game experience in a range of interesting ways. Please don't waste the glue by rubbing clothes in it!
    • Alpha testers are requested to report glue glitches: as with any active nanite product, some bugs are to be expected in an alpha release.
    • Complaints may be directed to Selkie.
    • But in all seriousness I'm looking for feedback on your experiences with such a restrictive, often high-impact trap. Is that the sort of thing you enjoy or does it get really annoying when you're trying to accomplish whatever your current goal is?
  • A new pimp NPC can appear after your second brothel hotel bed experience, demanding you pay him his 'cut' (any jewellery will do). He'll keep reappearing and demanding jewellery every time you use a brothel hotel bed until he is defeated in combat.
    • If you ever fail to pay him, he'll take an alternate form of payment the old-fashioned way.
    • He'll only ever go vaginal or anal so you'd better stay lubed if you want to pay him with your body, and virgin warrior playthroughs may be even more difficult.
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