Diaper Quest production moving forward

Hi babs!

This post is just to explain how all the diaper stuff I do will be funded and managed moving forward. I've got a new diaper-specific Patreon here which is where you will be able to receive all diaper-related rewards from. This is to track how much of my overall time I should be spending on diaper stuff compared to TQ and also it is to avoid spamming the inboxes of people who don't care for diaper stuff.

There is no need to pledge to both patreons simultaneously. The unlock files you will receive at the $20 level in the new diaper patreon will still unlock everything in normal Trap Quest. You'll just also get access to new builds of DQ.

You'll notice that there's a $12 level. This is for people that only care about the diaper stuff and don't care about getting alpha access to the normal TQ. You will receive unlock files that specifically only unlock new content in TQ that's related to diapers. Any other debug stuff created in 2017 onwards will not be available to you at this level.

When and how to move over:

Moving over is going to be a slightly complex task because right now I am not able to turn on charge-up-front on the new Patreon. This is because you have to be an established creator before they let you do this (to stop scammers). To make that clear, the new patreon will NOT charge you immediately when you pledge, only at the end of the month. Therefore to get June builds of DQ you will need to have been included in the June 1 payment cycle, which means that you'll need to pledge by May 30 to make sure you're included. You'll also need to make sure that you cancel your pledge on the TQ patreon before May 31, and I would recommend before May 30 just to be safe because of timezones or whatever. But if you do forget, it's okay I will be able to refund you.