Please help me run the game, I have the dumb

This is a somewhat-detailed guide on how to install and run Trap Quest!

If you have no idea what that is and a friend just recommended it to you and/or you're underage, they are a bad friend and you should turn away.

Moving on to the actual guide:

Step 1. Be over 18 (minimum.)
Note: 21 is the recommended age.

Step 2. Look for a version of the game.
Note: The latest should do the trick. Alternatively, go to the main download page ( )

Step 3. Choose your version
The Drawn Version or the Porn Version.
One is drawn/3d modeled (explicit images) and the other contains porn (photographic) images. Mostly.
Note: Click on the version you want.

Step 4. Download it through your browser.
Note: Because we all know you can't be bothered to download MEGASync.

Step 5. Wait.

Step 6. That's all you need to know about downloading Trap Quest!
Note: You're not done yet.

Step 7. Now, stuff gets messy.
To play a work like this one, you need an interpreter program: many are available:

For Mac OS X, use WINE ( )
Note: There's a download button in your face now. Click it. Choose the stable release. Otherwise, use the latest release if you feel lucky.
Now you can follow the Windows instructions.
Post-Note: Zoom might work with Unix. For Linux, gargoyle-free works well.

For Windows, use Git. ( )
Note: If you input that link, into your browser, it will instantly download the interpreter for you.
Post-Note: If you don't have a way to open the .zip file, you should really evaluate your life decisions.
Download either 7zip ( ) or Winrar.( )
Recommendation: 7zip. It's free.

If those don't work, Gargoyle does an ok job on all platforms. ( )

Step 8. Alternate Paths.
Windows Path.

a) Open the zip file you just downloaded (If you used Git, that is.)

b) Make a folder on your computer, "copy and paste" or "cut and paste" every file inside the zip into the folder on your computer.

c) Run git.exe

d) Find your Trap Quest/Diaper Quest file (it's a file ending in .gblorb) and open it with the interpreter program (git, or gargoyle, or whatever you chose).
Tip: Just move the (darn/porn) Trapquest game files to the folder where git.exe is located.

e) Enjoy playing.

Mac Path.

To be continued in a future update...