Restricted Features

This page details what features are currently restricted to people who have funded development. Most features start in alpha, then go to beta and then to public. But cheating things, like undo and debug, do not. They stay as rewards for people who have showered Aika with cash at the Trap Quest Patreon page or the Shame Games SubscribeStar page - there is a 10% discount on the Alpha Tester tier on the SubscribeStar page.

NB: If you're into diaper stuff, please look at this table instead, because you should pledge to my other Patreon account.

$5 Beta $20 Alpha
Can use undo (will never be in public version)
Can enable alcohol (will soonish be in public version)
Can interact with the new demonic altar in the hotel (will soonish be in public version)
Can create custom name sets and edit a few other pieces of text - simply go into the settings menu after you're already in-game (not sure if I'll eventually make this public as it's rather fiddly)
Access to the (currently very incomplete) clothing overlay for the Wonderfuller window (will hopefully one day make it to the public version)
Can use debug (cheat) commands (will never be in beta or lower version)
Can get assigned and read epilogues at game end (will eventually be in beta version)
Can force all NPCs to appear feminine or masculine (incomplete, will eventually be in the beta version)
Can access the 'predicament world' or 'extra credit lessons' from the warp portal in Obedience School (incomplete, will eventually be in the beta version)
Can enable NPC icons on the map (in development, will eventually be in the beta version)
Can access the 'ritual beads' from completing the priest quest (will soon be in the beta version)
Can get some of the latest scenes involving Barbara (will soon be in the beta version)
Can get the new 'bride' class (will soon be in the beta version)
Can enable strong curses - normal blessing effects tend to instead just reroll the uncurse quest
Can become a futanari by placing defiance tokens in a crafting bowl while at low delicateness and female
Access to the newest character window in development, the Clothing Window (will eventually one day go beta then public)

Debug Commands:

  • Dirtycheater - Turn cheat mode on / off (allows use of below commands).
  • Debug - Turn debug mode on / off (allows use of below commands and also outputs a bunch of extra test to help Aika debug stuff).
  • Purloin [Item/NPC/Clothing] - Adds Item/NPC/Clothing to inventory.
  • Showme [Item/NPC/Clothing] - Shows Item/NPC/Clothing.
  • Item - spawns an item that could be found in a container and identifies its magical attributes.
  • Brain - Increase intelligence.
  • Bulge - Fill stomach.
  • Swell - Increase breast size.
  • Gape - Increase vagina/ass openess.
  • Ruin - Increase soreness of vagina/ass.
  • Paint - Add a layer of makeup.
  • Sluttify - Add humiliation/Decrease dignity/Add layer of makeup and general sluttery.
  • Stupify - Decrease intelligence.
  • Anaconda - Increase ass size.
  • Bukkake - Add a layer of cum to face.
  • Pearl necklace - Add layer of cum to breasts.
  • Sticky feeling - Add layer of cum to thighs.
  • Hyper weapon - Increase penis size.
    • mini weapon - decrease penis size.
  • Superhero - Turns the player into a busty superheroine.
  • Exhibitionist - Gives the player the "no panties" and "super short skirts" fetish and resets humiliation to 0.
  • Fetish model - Turns the player into a latex fetish model.
  • Blow me up - Initiate or progress sex doll transformation.
  • Rapunzel - Increase hair length.
  • Disintegrate - Destroy monster/item/clothing.
  • Curse [clothing] - Self explanatory.
  • Bless [clothing] - Same.
  • Imbue [clothing] - Increase magic modifier.
  • Dispel [clothing] - Decrease magic modifier.
  • Fuck my shit up - Turns your player into Brendan Fraser (gives all tattoos).
  • susan wayland - max heel skill
  • cow time - increases milk volume of breasts by 8
  • polymorph [worn clothing] - tries to transform it
  • balloon - inflates breasts, belly and hips with air
  • one more time - resets cooldowns of all interactable objects: throne, modification machine, altar, alchemist's table, stage, cross trainer, gloryhole, laundry robots.
  • this isn't even my final form - heals all soreness and fatigue and health instantly.
  • toilet time - makes you need to use the loo
  • shower time - covers the player randomly in milk, urine or semen (fetish permitting)
  • doom time - advances the doom counter (which eventually results in the spawning of the herald and the corruption of some NPCs and objects)
  • turn me on - slightly increases arousal
  • me so horny - significantly increases arousal
  • set [stat]
    • strength
    • dexterity
    • intelligence
    • humiliation
    • delicateness
    • sex addiction
    • vaginal sex addiction
    • anal sex addiction
    • oral sex addiction
    • semen taste addiction
    • titfuck addiction
    • breast sensitivity
    • urine taste addiction
    • creampie addiction
  • modify [internal stat]
    • stomach water
    • stomach food
  • freeze hair - freezes / unfreezes hair changes
  • clumsy me - forces the player to trip
  • lumos - reveals entire map
  • jack me in - lears all skills
  • schoolbell - triggers next lesson
  • wear me out - max gape, and increases fatigue and body damage to max
  • show me the money - adds solid gold jewellery to all open slots
  • anger [NPC] - if the NPC is friendly, makes them unfriendly. If the NPC is unfriendly, increases their dififculty.
  • befriend [NPC] - makes the NPC friendly.
  • refresh [NPC] - sets a monster's refractory period to 0 and wakes them up if asleep
  • refresh [clothing] - resets and randomises the item's attributes as if it was brand new
  • laser removal [tattoo] - removes tattoo
  • orgasm - makes the player orgasm
  • force spawn [summoning portal] - decreases the cooldown of the summoning portal
  • weaken [NPC] - sets health to 1
  • knock me up with [NPC] - makes player pregnant with child from target NPC
  • pin condom on [noun] - pins used condom on clothing
  • i have the power - gain 5 magic power
  • the chosen one - become a virgin warrior with a blessed hairclip
  • barbify - progress Barbara's journey towards Bambi
  • promote [noun] - gives a slut school student or yourself a promotion