Trap Quest Release 9 Version 2.4

There are new download links in 2.5

An Announcement:

For diaper loving people that care, the first alpha for Diaper Quest was uploaded today, for top patreon pledgers. It's like Trap Quest, but with even more of a focus on diapers. Read more about it here.

An Apology:

Some stuff was supposed to flow down the alpha > beta > public feature system today but I just forgot. I'll make it happen for the next version, whether that's a hotfix or not.

Known Significant Issues:

  • Danaume character window still has a few graphical glitches, but it's better than before!
  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some hyperlink issues in the bottom left window after saving and restoring.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Delicateness now has some real teeth. If you have over 15/20 delicateness, when you try to hit an unfriendly NPC on full health (so usually only the first hit unless you're really shit at attacking), you'll sometimes instead automatically surrender and drop to your knees.
    • This only happens when the NPC is already both interested and aggressive. You can still start as many fights as you want.
  • Robots always get angry if they witness you peeing yourself (except diapers, if you have those enabled)
  • You can now actually use the sink in the kitchen to clean clothes as described.
  • The modification machine now just takes your clothing off and puts it on the ground rather than destroying it, when the machine needs to get something out of the way.
  • Added a new passive equippable, the totem of purity. It decreases your humiliation gain over time and functions as a one-use shield against an increase to one of your addictions.
    *Alternatively, offer it to a gladiator to purge her of an active curse.
  • You can now use infernal gems as payment for the wishing well.
  • You'll now get a small dignity bonus if your penis tries to grow after reaching maximum size.
  • There's a few new random clothing items.
  • Any skirt can conceal your penis if its being propped up by an elastic waistband of some kind.
  • Fixed a bug where the gladiator would drag a potential succubus to a ritual room and then immediately drag you back to where you came from
  • Fixed an issue where the game would tell you you weren't resisting, but really you were.
  • Fixed a bug where the wild gladiator would pull out but still be inside you
  • Fixed a bug where the gladiator bukkake cutscene was appearing for all bukkakes
  • Fixed the graphical anomaly in the Danaume character window's hips.
  • Fixed a bug where living dolls could still beg for drinks in desperate thirst.
  • Fixed a complex bug where sometimes regularly occurring functions (like thirst increasing) would either not take place at all, or take place two turns in a row.
  • Fixed a bug that still prevented the feeding bowls from being eaten from manually.
  • Fixed a bug where a robobutler would sometimes not spawn in the hotel.
  • Fixed a bug where penis size could still increase for female players
  • Fixed a bug where the game would tell you a tentacle monster was playing with your chest, when really it wasn't.
  • Fixed a bug where a broken player could keep going up to the podium every turn automatically.
  • Fixed a bug where a patron could join you and a wrestler without actually joining you.
  • Fixed a bug where a patron would be stuck in the room if you ended your "competition" with the wrestler early
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible for the royal slave to cum.


  • Pregnancy speed options now have points associated with them.

Patreon top pledgers:

  • Debug command "show me the money" adds solid gold jewellery to all open slots.
  • Debug command "refresh" sets a monster's refractory period to 0 and wakes them up if asleep
  • Added a gargoyle in the mansion. She silently keeps watch for her mistress, bringing any 'threats' to her mistress for some intensive punishment. Keeping guard is hard work, so she's rather quick to pounce on anyone that looks like they can give her a good meal.
  • There's now a condom box (with infinite condoms, for now). The player can suggest that an intelligent NPC who's about to bone them wears a condom. If they do, they avoid the creampie but the condom gets pinned to the player's clothing, and can't be removed except by biting and drinking the condom.
    • If there is no eligible clothing to be pinned on (most overdresses and suspenders) when a condom is to be placed, then a string belt will spawn and if there is no headgear, then a new hat will spawn too. The hat will spawn a lycra bodysuit if all the correct clothing slots are available (pretty much everything except hands and feet) and gives +1 bonus strength for each five condoms worn.
    • This is likely to stay at alpha level for a long time because it's going to take a lot of work to eventually edit all the NPCs' creampie flavour text to be different when the NPC is wearing a condom.
    • This item is currently quite immersion-breaking at times so it's not yet available in the pink wardrobe as eventually planned - if you want to play with it, use 'purloin condom pack'.
  • The hellhound now has a chance of pulling out when he's finished fucking you, especially if you don't seem much like someone he could start a family with.
  • Fixed a bug where the butterfly wings were covering your chest.
  • Fixed a bug where the fairy wand would keep trying to spawn even when it already had.
  • Fixed a bug where the notebook was only doing the base slap damage no matter how much you upgraded it.
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