The Future of Diaper Mechanics

EDIT 12: Diaper Quest V0.6

  • Improved arousal mechanics so that orgasms are actually possible. If you're already horny when you resist in a baby bouncer for example there's actually a chance you'll orgasm now.
  • Improved digestion mechanics to be more reliable (beforehand, there was a risk that digestion could be skipped or occur twice in a row). Essentially there are multiple things that can double the rate of digestion and these things can stack:
    • Respiration clothing (1 respiration clothing doubles digestion rate, 2 or more quadruples it)
    • New feature - forcefed digestion pill
      • The gladiator and guard will give you this pill at the end of a forcefeeding session. It doubles digestion rate for 350 seconds.
  • If you are hit by a magic dust trap while at maximum make up, your face will get permanently changed into a kawaii face with lots of heavy make up and white hearts on your cheeks. This is currently irreversible.
  • Increased the rate of transformation of bags of holding.
  • Character window additions:
    • Existing items, new image:
      • Yellow sissy baby dress
    • Brand new items:
      • Purple floral dress
      • Dinosaur dress
      • Floofy dress
      • Monkey scrunchies
  • Lots of the recent TQ changes have also been optimised for DQ:
    • Huge improvements to the appearance ratings, they should make a lot more sense now. Interesting things include:
      • The status bar now lets you know which item or exposed body part is most responsible for your humiliating appearance.
      • Wet crotch covering clothing (even if it's just water) is more childish than dry, and saturated clothing is even worse.
    • New items:
      • White flowing skirt - a nice fully covering skirt item but slightly provocative.
      • 'Spoiled' crop top - very similar stats to the 'baby doll' crop top.
      • Gingham dress - super short babydoll dress that can be transformed from crybaby T-shirt if skirt slot isn't taken.
  • Worked on the code which allows NPCs to suddenly turn from friendly to aggressive when your appearance crosses a threshold. Hopefully it should be working well now.
  • Wearing a blue scrunchie will make a schoolgirl outfit spawn instantly.
    • When both blue scrunchies are worn they can be transformed into the monkey scrunchies.
  • Removed several TQ bits and pieces that were leaking into the DQ code. Big ones included:
    • Shopekeeper blowjob
    • Gladiator futa surprise
  • Addressed an issue where some NPCs could forget they were in the middle of a diaper change and wander off.
  • Fixed a big but uncommon issue when scene messing but not full messing was enabled where the player would be teleported to the matron regardless of which NPC triggered the messing.
  • Ballgags should now be considerably less likely to appear compared to pacifiers.
  • Fixed an issue where the gladiator's forced urination punishment was not being correctly flagged as mandatory.
  • Fixed a bug where tattoos were always visible in terms of humiliation.
  • Fixed a bug where the matron could fail to properly perform a diaper check when the player messes themselves in front of her if she wasn't on full HP.
  • All the bugs fixed in TQ are also fixed in DQ, many of which are very relevant.

EDIT 11: Diaper Quest V0.5

  • Lots of new character window art. Most noticeably we now have make up levels for the face. This should help you understand why your appearance rating is sometimes so high!
    • There's also character window art for pacifiers, sissy bow, mittens, bib and baby slippers.
    • There's also hair variants for scrunchies. You'll notice that the hair also changes colour. This is intended, just there's no flavour in-game to explain why yet.
  • A new pimp NPC can appear after your second 'brothel' hotel bed experience, demanding you pay him his 'cut' (any jewellery will do). He'll keep reappearing and demanding jewellery every time you use a brothel hotel bed until he is defeated in combat.
    • If you ever fail to pay him, he'll take his anger out on you how you'd expect.
  • A lot of usability improvements as documented in the recent TQ releases.
    • Including a tutorial (still a WiP)
  • Addressed an issue where some NPCs could forget they were in the middle of a diaper change and wander off.
  • Fixed a big but uncommon issue when scene messing but not full messing was enabled where the player would be teleported to the matron regardless of which NPC triggered the messing.
  • Ballgags should now be considerably less likely to appear compared to pacifiers
  • Fixed an issue where the gladiator's forced urination punishment was not being correctly flagged as mandatory.
  • A lot of the bugs fixed in Release 9 Version 4.2 of TQ also are relevant to DQ (and are therefore also fixed in DQ).

EDIT 10: Forgot to add Diaper Quest V0.4 changelist here

  • A male character is now selectable! There may be quite a few bugs and things that still mention the player's vagina, I probably didn't find them all. If you do find any, please let me know.
  • All the recent stuff from TQ is hopefully also working in DQ, including most notably Imprinting.
  • Clothing, when destroyed, permanently increases or decreases the stats it was influencing.
  • Chef foods (obtained by giving a robochef jewellery and then a snack [food found in containers]) are now appropriate for DQ.
  • Added a difficulty setting. Currently all it does is change the HP of NPCs, but this is probably the main individual thing that makes the game easy or hard.
  • Tried to improve the role of the diaper check and diaper change in the game. Most diaper checking NPCs (definitely guard, gladiator, mechanic) should now still have a way to become so unimpressed with you that they begin to punish you in other ways than just diaper changes. Usually this is because your appearance is just way too childish.
  • Short skirts (but not super-short skirts) now conceal diapers when the player is standing up.
  • Weight loss potion (which did nothing in DQ) is now a "potion of control" which has a chance of slightly recovering incontinence (the chance increases the higher incontinence already is, but it won't do this if you're fully incontinent) and if it doesn't lower incontinence it reduces the contents of your bladder and bowels, delaying the next time you need to go.
  • Made a balance tweak where you don't get negative stats when you place value in your continence and then wet yourself, you just lose the positive stats you had gained.
  • You now immediately jump to maximum incontinence even if you have tattoos disabled.
  • Messed around with arousal mechanics to try and make orgasms more common.
  • New 'iron maiden' trap in the woods (connected to one of the buckets) has slimy tentacles in it that try to force you to soil yourself and stimulate you through your diaper if you're wearing one, over 4 to 6 turns.
  • Wetting (outside of a diaper) or messing yourself inside the iron maiden is more gross than doing it outside of an airtight box due to the smell and so comes with additional delicateness penalties.
  • Fixed a bug where diapers weren't transforming into higher padding / higher humiliation diapers as intended.

EDIT 9: Diaper Quest V0.3

I'm starting to feel proud of this as a game in its own right now, every update it feels more like a separate unique game even though a lot of it is the same. The core addition in this version is that I've made diaper checks a lot more common and a lot more sophisticated. This means that when you're diapered you can expect to still have NPCs treat you as a baby but in a more neutral / friendly manner.

My next focus will be the same as in TQ - addressing the abundance of clothing you end up with that you never get a chance to wear.

  • New clothing now has art from JamJarMonster in the character window:
    • Tiara and baby bonnet
    • Teddybear baby dress, teddybear playsuit, white onesie (currently described as a dinosaur onesie), playdude maid outfit, priestess outfit
  • Diaper checks
    • If you're wearing a diaper (or visible soiled panties) then lots of intelligent NPCs will now remain mostly neutral / friendly towards you (assuming you don't attack them), and give you diaper checks whenever they see you.
    • Diaper checks are a bit humiliating, obviously, but also if they find that you need a change (for most NPCs this is when it's over 2/3 to completely full) then they'll probably give you one. At high diaper addiction you'll consent automatically but at low diaper addiction you can either submit to this diaper change or resist. Resisting results in combat, and the NPC will then use their default punishment selection criteria if they beat you, which will more often than not mean you won't get a change but just a different punishment of some kind.
  • Diaper Discipline - Expanded upon the feature in the previous release a few NPCs had where they'd demand that you stayed in diapers until they gave you permission to wear big girl panties again. This still exists but with the following changes:
    • A few more NPCs now do this.
    • It's always when the NPC puts you in a diaper (whether or not it's from a diaper change or from a forceful diapering) that they begin this punishment phase.
    • Instead of a straight-up time limit for the length of time that they keep you in diapers, it's now based on a set number of diaper checks (usually three). If they do that number of diaper checks in a row and you're completely dry in each one, they'll exit the diaper disciplining state.
  • So overall the flow of the game is supposed to look like this:
    • Eventually you'll probably end up diapered. Either because of a trap or a particularly unimpressed NPC, because your underwear is wet or you look too outrageous.
    • Once diapered you'll possibly end up diaper-disciplined be some NPC, if they find you when you need a change or because they diapered you in the first place. If you do, then it'll be even more important that you now stay dry. Because otherwise other NPCs are probably going to find you, change you, and also demand that you stay in diapers.
    • How do you stay dry? Well either get something mechanical to change you, like the laundry robots, or you're going to need an uncursed diaper and then you're going to need to either change yourself (i.e. with spare diapers), or use toilets (or the floor) rather than your diaper.
      • The PC really doesn't like urinating in front of others, so it might be a challenge to pee outside if your diaper if there's someone currently following you around!
    • Obviously the other option is to be disobedient ;-)
    • As the game progresses and your continence decreases you might rather inevitably end up in a permanent diapered situation. Obviously at this juncture it is inadvisable for several reasons to try and go about your day without the safety of your padding!
      • I am a little concerned that at this point several NPCs are too easy to manage, since all they are going to do is check and change you. Let me know what you think, if there are still enough other NPCs to make your life miserable... I mean fun!
  • Baby bouncers now have three ways for you to try and exit them.
    • Jumping works just like before, you probably make it out and unless you roll really well you take physical damage and one point of delicateness.
      • Every turn you fail your jump you get humiliated and if you're wearing a diaper you gain arousal.
    • You can now resist, which causes the bouncer to forcefully bounce you, causing high amounts of arousal.
    • You can now submit / wait, which causes the bouncer to treat you gently, causing diaper addiction if one is worn and delicateness if one isn't.
    • After two to three turns of resisting / submitting, the trap automatically releases you.
    • Furthermore baby bouncer traps can no longer successfully entrap you if you are wearing a hobble skirt.
  • A more appropriate statue has replaced the one in the woods.
  • The royal guard spawned by the stage when you get the bad outcome now punishes you and leaves you in a messy diaper rather than just changing you. You can then greet him straight away afterwards for a change if you want but obviously that'll start his diaper disciplining routine!
  • You can use "pee" when you have displacable clothing and the game will ask you if you'd like to automatically displace and then replace them. This is quite convenient for peeing on the floor when wearing panties.
  • When you expel a plug with an enema it now just slips out the legholes to the ground rather than destroying your underwear.
  • You can now spank the statues in the dungeon statue hall for -2 diaper addiction but +1 delicateness.
  • The witch no longer still talks about wanting cups full of bodily fluids.
  • Modified a lot of the flavour surrounding patrons to be more appropriate for DQ.
  • Involuntary messing events when holding an enema are now handled correctly by the code.
  • Wearing unconcealed panties increases the player's slutty rating more than before (but still less than having a fully exposed crotch, of course).
  • Fixed an issue where some items of clothing were still having errors triggered every turn caused by the character window.
  • Fixed some bugs that cause the djinn and mannequin to struggle to punish the player in lots of circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where you could push the button with the matron in the room after she's administered a punishment.
  • Fixed a bug where the summoning circle could spawn a wench (who isn't yet coded for DQ)
  • Fixed an issue where undo caused the character window to shrink.

EDIT 8: Diaper Quest V0.2

I'm sorry if this is an underwhelming update but I'm being pressured to upload something so here's something! I anticipate a hotfix will be needed since I am literally the only person testing stuff at the moment and the more time I spend testing the less time I spend coding!

Also please read about important diaper related Patreon changes here:


  • The main thing is that the woods is now in the game.
    • The fairy mainly polymorphs clothing
    • The mannequin mainly donates clothing to empty slots
    • The djinn wants you to wish for a spanking, and if you don't can confiscate adult items from you in the future even if you didn't fight back when he notices you.
    • The demoness actually cares about your appearance, and after losing too much respect for you she will plug you if you're wearing a diaper, and she'll make the plug vibrate if you're already wearing one.
  • The new candy stuff from TQ is in the game. Some candy has slightly different negative effects, due to the different mechanics of DQ!
  • NPCs can now plug you after an enema.
  • Cursed plugs cannot be removed manually but when the enema decides it's time to come out automatically, the plug will shoot out too.
  • There's the start of outerwear clothing by JamJarMonster. So far we've got the cheerleader, a leotard, a onesie, a babydoll dress, the tube tops, a nightie and the white clubbing dress.
    • This takes a depressingly long time to get the code right!
  • Bags of holding from the latest TQ are also in DQ, but they turn more babyish rather than more slutty.
  • There's now a reason to make a decision between resist and submit - submit increases humiliation whereas resist can anger the NPC further resulting in immediate spanks or just removing the chance of the NPC become friendly again after.
  • A million other tiny changes!

EDIT 7: Diaper Quest V0.1

The first alpha of DQ has been released for alpha tester patrons. A lot has changed, too much to summarise it all but here are the things I think you should know:

  • At the moment the only regions in the game are the dungeon and hotel.
  • Body size currently doesn't change. This includes breasts, hips and hair.
  • You can only play as a female player at the moment.
  • Pretty much all the other fetishes are currently disabled.
    • I strongly recommend enabling fashion victim since a lot of the new items are only obtained through transformation.
  • There are currently six core activities that an NPC engages with the player. NB most NPCs only choose from a subset of these:
    • Diaper change:
      • If the player is diapered, they get changed. Pretty simple.
      • If the player is not diapered, they get put in a diaper and ordered to stay in it. Until a timer runs down, that NPC will get angry if they see the player outside of diapers.
    • Spanking:
      • Has a chance of causing delicateness increases each turn. The chance is lowered for each item of clothing covering your butt, and if you're submitting.
      • NPCs can sometimes decide to "enhance" the spanking by pulling away one of the items of clothing protecting your butt cheeks.
    • Masturbating:
      • Won't happen unless the NPC is at full health (i.e. the player didn't fight back), is in a diaper and is already at least a bit aroused.
      • Stimulates the player, increasing arousal and potentially making the player cum inside their diaper..
    • Force Feeding:
      • The player is forced to eat, drink or both.
    • Enema:
      • The player is filled via their backdoor. Expulsion is voluntary but humiliating if done in front of an NPC. Not expelling causes periodic penalties.
      • A variation of the enema done by a couple of NPCs sees a suppository put up your bum, which makes you need to go number 2 urgently.
    • Confiscation:
      • The player has an unhumiliating clothing or valuable jewllery taken off of them. This is retained by the NPC so will be dropped if the NPC is defeated. This punishment can only happen if the player has fought back.
    • There are a few other specific punishments dealt out by specific NPCs. For example the adult baby slave still has her facesitting attack.
  • The plan is that your headgear will determine your hair length and colour. But this has not yet been implemented.
  • The minotaur has been replaced by the boogeymonster. He's rather barebones for now, just having a single high-impact punishment before disappearing forever.
  • Xavier is extremely barebones right now, and only spanks. This will change.
  • The slutty sisters have been replacted by the matronbot, who increases in difficulty the less babified you are. She has two punishments, which are just harsher versions of the enema and spanking routines.
  • Sex addiction still exists but now is more of a "fetishist rating", i.e. how much you get off on weird pervy things like being masturbated through a diaper.
  • Incontinence now takes longer to reach maximum levels. It can still be reversed by using an actual toilet.
  • Ass hooks have now been repurposed and can rip off some clothing in a painful wedgie.
  • Many of the more modest tops in DQ become sheer when wet. To make this more likely, the sprinkler traps now just dispense water, which wets all your clothes. This increases the humiliation factor of any worn underwear since it looks soiled.
  • Make up pad traps now take you straight to max bimbo make up. This is dealt with by either waiting for it to decay or standing under a sprinkle trap or washing in the lake.
  • The character window, being made by JamJarMonster, is awesome but still in development. Also, because there are so many different diapers in the game, don't expect to see fully accurate represntations of each! It's just a vague reflection of the type of diaper you've got on.
  • Respiration happens faster. I'm struggling to balance this to make it a challenge but not impossible to keep up. Let me know your experiences.
  • Several other NPCs have been removed for now until they are made more appropriate for DQ.
  • This is clearly an incomplete game and any complaints about the current feel of play will inevitably be met with the response of "it's not finished yet".

EDIT 6: Changes in R9V2.1

Not much again, for the same reasons. The various JamJarMonster and 34Qucker artpieces have been put into the game as cutscenes at appropriate (but mostly rather rare) moments. The most common one is probably going to be when the transformation ray hits the royal dress and turns it into the babyish one.

EDIT 5: Changes in R9V2.0

There's not much because most of the effort is going towards getting Diaper Quest ready for release. I hope that maybe it will be February, but I think realistically it may end up being March.

Also if you haven't checked it out already, check my new Diaper Hub page which is full of all the other diaper themed stuff I've created.

Public version:

  • Added diaper-themed sections to the book of do-overs.
  • The player can now cum from the baby bouncer trap.
  • Addressed an issue where diaper focused mode and oral fixation mode could cause pretty much all NPCs to do nothing to the player if they were wearing a cursed gag. Now, all NPCs will temporarily gain the ability to remove cursed gags if this would be an issue.

Alpha testers:

  • With nonscene messing enabled, the player can now fully lose control of their bowels with high enough incontinence.

EDIT 4: New plans for 'Diaper Quest':

The diaper focused mode is great for some but the feedback I'm getting from the ABDL crowd is that it's still a bimbo game with the diaper stuff thrown in at the last minute. So I'm now working on creating a full mod of the game codename Diaper Quest that will have the following differences:

  • The aim of the game is to not get babified.
  • The PC can only be female (for now).
  • There is absolutely no penetrative sex, but there are still:
    • Arousal mechanics
    • Masturbation (including NPCs rubbing you through your diaper) and orgasms
    • Sex toys
  • Most fetishes are removed with the exception of watersports which is still possible to enable.
  • Many NPCs and traps have just been fully disabled.
  • The PC starts off with large breasts, which they want to keep large as it is a feature of adulthood.
  • Appearance is an interesting one, there are two different stats you need to manage, how slutty you look and how childish you look. Adult and sexy clothing makes you look less childish but go too far and NPCs can still be offended and decide you aren't responsible enough to be allowed to dress yourself.
  • NPCs will always babify you in some way when you lose a fight, rather than fuck you. Methods of babification include:
    • Confiscation of items (including adult clothing and jewllery)
    • Dress-up including diapering
    • Spanking
    • Force feeding
    • Inducing involuntary urination

EDIT 3: New diaper mechanics in 8.1:

  • There is a variant bad scene in the lecture chairs in the hotel, that always takes precedence over the bimbo scene if the diaper focus is enabled and the player is diapered, and appears half the time is the player is diapered but diaper focus is disabled.
  • Fixed bugs with the matron where she wasn't turning unfriendly to change diapers properly.
    • Furthermore, except for the diaper changes which should be welcome anyway, you can now have a matron who is essentially always friendly. She'll be made more happy every time you come to her needing a change, and less happy every time she sees you without a diaper on.
  • Fixed a bug with involuntary messing where it was much lower likelihood than it was intended to be. In fact the RNG factor has almost been removed entirely, and it's just the amount of food you've digested versus your incontinence level.
  • Voluntary messing is now possible between the delicateness values of 8 and 16 inclusive.

EDIT 2: New diaper mechanics in 6.2:

  • In diaper focused mode:
    • There is a dragonfly diaper (lowest absorbance except for the sissy diaper) in the pink wardrobe.
    • Instead of being able to put value in your virginity (which is too easy to keep), you can put value in not losing control over your bladder, after peeing voluntarily 3 times.
      • The first time you wet yourself involuntarily, including from the gladiator, shopkeeper and so on, you lose all your bonus stats and also get a permanent -1 penalty in each stat, and also if you have a tattoo, you get a new "I FAILED POTTY TRAINING" tattoo, permanent full incontinence, and gain 1 delicateness. Harsh, I know!
    • The demon lord can now have oral sex with you. If you are given the option to spit or swallow, spit is the more entertaining option, but maybe not the more sensible one ;-)
    • The sword in the stone, if you pull it, becomes a giant rattle instead.
      • The giant rattle gains magic modifier power every time you wet a diaper whilst fully incontinent, up to a limit.
      • The giant rattle loses magic modifer power every time you slap with it, down to a limit.
    • The hotel chairs are now pink high chairs instead, with no dildos on the seats, so you can sit on them even if diapered. They still fully heal you. They also still have 4 random effects:
        1. (this one has double chance of occurring) Triggers messing if able. If not, fills your vagina or underwear with cum. If no underwear, spawns a diaper on you.
        1. If you can't get aroused right now, lowers intelligence. Arouses diaper wearing players over several turns. Forces a shameful orgasm out of anyone else.
        1. Increases delicateness by 2 if you're not wearing a diaper.
        1. Humiliates you slightly, and humiliates you more for each intelligence NPC in the room.
  • There is a new variation of the princess' royal dress which you can get instead if diapers are enabled and has 100% chance of replacing the other princess dresses if you're wearing a diaper; it is super short (keeping your diaper exposed) and has the bed wetting attribute.
  • Dildo traps now arouse diapered players when they strike you.
  • If you have enabled messing scenes, these can now respawn the matron if she has been defeated, to allow the messing to continue!
  • Beta testers only:
    • The mannequin can now activate the unmentionable diaper mechanics (if enabled), if the player is not incontinent.
  • Alpha testers only:
    • A new rocking horse trap can appear in the woods.
      • It has a 50% chance of placing other types of wooden horse traps normally, or a 100% chance if diaper focus is enabled.
      • It has some minor negative effects (humiliation, arousal, diaper spawning) but also fully heals the player and then persists until the map resets, becoming another item of furniture for the player to rest on.
      • Voluntarily sitting on the rocking horse causes a tiara to appear on your head if you have no headgear.

EDIT: In 5.0, implemented diaper stuff is as follows:

  • You can choose to disable the new feature where you can pee past cursed diapers at a toilet. This gives you 1 extra point.
  • You can enable a "diaper focused" mode where:
    • NPCs will very rarely remove diapers when worn, and may even have special new interactions.
    • Diapers are not destroyed or ripped by dildo traps.
    • Under some conditions, diapers may spawn on the player when they wouldn't before.
    • The slingshot trap in the woods tries to put a diaper on you instead of a crotch rope / pouch panties.
  • (Alpha testers only) you can enable messing outside of scenes.
    • The game starts tracking your food being digested right from the start of the game, instead of only after your first feeding scene with the matron.
    • The player will only feel their stomach growling when they are wearing a diaper. This just warns you that the bowel movement may happen at any time. You cannot manually mess your diaper but you can use a toilet to relieve yourself.
    • You obviously can't mess yourself if plugged.
    • When wearing a messed diaper, the player will be grossed out AND unable to knee or kick unless the player is an adult baby with high bimbo (bimbo higher than the units of mess)
    • The player can be cleaned by the matron, the (transformed) throne, the laundry robot arms, the robobellboy (he just drags you to the laundry arms), and by entering either of the lakes.
    • The player will slowly gain delicateness while going around in a messed diaper.
    • Most NPCs will refuse to interact with you unless forced to because you enter combat. But most will not touch you once you're downed.
    • If diaper focus is enabled, things get even more interesting; you can feel your stomach growling even when not wearing a diaper. If the game would try to make your mess yourself but you're not wearing one, the game will summon one onto you, or make your current underwear magically transform into one.

Hi all diaper lovers, thanks for providing your feedback.

Based on the polls and comments, there are clearly different schools of thought for what diapers represent and what impact and functionality they should have.

Overall Purpose of Diapers

  • One school of thought is that diapers are inherently a punishment / inconvenience, and that therefore the game should represent this by always having a worn diaper be a negative experience.
  • One school of thought is that diapers are humiliating but should therefore be implemented as a practical necessity.
  • Most people agree that by the end of the player's conversion they should like wearing diapers.
  • Finally there are people that believe that the player should only be forced into diapers / incontinence if they fail at performing adult tasks, such as making it to a toilet in time. I personally quite like this approach but some mechanics here would conflict with the top school of thought, where the main idea would be that the player is forced to use the diapers period.

I'm going to settle for the game allowing two different options. The first will be "forgiving" diaper mechanics, that allow you to use the toilet even when wearing a cursed diaper, and therefore gives you a better chance of keeping incontinence at bay. Then there will be a hardmode, which will earn the player at least 1 point (could be more depending on how hard this mode gets), where there will be much higher chances for the game to force cursed diapers onto the player, and no roundabout ways of dealing with them.


People are split pretty well between:

  • Hates messing
  • Alright with the idea, but it's not their biggest thing or they don't want to have to deal with the consequences
  • Loves it and wishes they could properly immerse themselves in the experience of having to deal with a messy diaper.


People are also split pretty well between:

  • Diaper humiliation is a nice cherry on top to the traditional experience of TQ dressing you up and getting you fucked repeatedly
  • Diapers are their core fetish and therefore every time someone rips one off to have sex with them they're a little bit disappointed.

So, I'm going to try and knock out two problems with one stone. I'm going to implement a 'diaper focused' option, where every NPC has a diaper related action that they can perform if you have either selected for your diaper to be the core focus of the game (and are wearing one), or your diaper is currently soiled. Any NPC that doesn't have an appropriate diaper related action to perform will either use your mouth or breasts, or leave you alone. In this way we can implement messy diapers and still keep grossness to a minimum. When a diaper is messed, only a select few specific interactions will be able to deal with this. Currently I have planned:

  • Matron (already exists)
  • Throne (already exists)
  • Laundry robot arms (now exists)
  • Self-cleaning in bodies of water (now exists)
  • Bellboy (now exists)
  • Barbara
  • Something new in the Woods

A messed diaper will have a maximum humiliation rating and gradually cause delicateness to rise.

Finally, as of right now I have no plans to allow the player to soil themselves when outside of an intact diaper. This may slightly affect immersion, but I'm planning to just write it off as "Diapers temporarily magically reduce your ability to control your bowels" or something.