Trap Quest Release 9 Version 4.0

Calling it 4.0 because so many things have been tweaked it does feel significantly different! I think I may have overbuffed combat so enjoy your (slightly) easier runs for now. At least the hotel isn't like impossible any more.

Download Links:

Main Download Page (including links to recommended interpreters)

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • From Phaos: You can select a 'secret' and a 'background' from the bonuses menu. Backgrounds give you small advantages and secrets give you bonus stats as you collect certain things (e.g. tattoos) in-game.
  • Some minotaur cutscenes from Icarus (but they'll only show up when beast fetish is enabled).
  • A couple of mannequin anal masturbation cutscenes also from Icarus.
  • Royal circlets (royal slave class) now prevent the bad stuff that happens while you're holding enemas and gives you +1 strength per 5 units of milk inside your belly.
    • The bad news is that if you have any milk stained clothing that instead becomes -1 in every stat!
    • Your body will still attempt to automatically expel the milk when your belly gets near to bursting so you'll need to displace your basque and manually empty yourself every now and then to avoid this bad news. But of course that will reset the strength bonus back down to 0. Something something windows of power.
    • Once per game, the milking basque will destroy everything in its way in order to appear on you. This is because it requires some very commonly filled slots to be free.
  • The milking harness has the same beneficial effect of ignoring enema penalties.
  • Improved the code for identifying drinks, if the vessel is identified and uncursed then if you drink a cursed potion the colour will be correctly identified.
  • When the fairy increases the height of your heels they no longer also become cursed.
  • Milk no longer can cause breasts to become temporarily inflated. Instead it causes them to become permanently larger in order to contain the milk. However breast flesh now has double the natural capacity to store milk so this won't happen as much as you think.
  • There's now an oil lamp in one of the pedestals in the mansion. Once you have it in your hands, you will capture the djinn rather than him teleporting away when you defeat him, which not only means he's gone for good but also that you now have three more wishes to use whenever you please! Wow!
  • Reduced NPC health by 20%, since some were still just way too difficult to defeat.
  • Made it slightly more difficult for monsters to trip kicking players, and much more unlikely for monster to trip kneeing players.
  • Removed a feature by which NPCs grew in difficulty over time.
    • Also nerfed the difficulty of lots of the tougher NPCs especially in the hotel which were just too high.
  • Increased the amount that you avoid orgasm by submitting to sex. Yes that's right, friendly reminder, resisting makes you more likely to cum. Except friendly sex. Go figure.
  • Sped up the rate at which your orifices recover soreness.
  • Reduced the duration of the wooden horse with reins from 3 - 4 to 1 - 3.
  • It shouldn't be quite so hard as before to stand back up when tired.
  • Slightly increased the max capacity of the player's stomach.
  • NPCs will now move one room away from exits and entrances and lose interest when you change region, which should solve that issue of NPCs chilling at the stairs indefinitely waiting for you to return.
  • Since we've now got bags of holding, you'll automatically take all (inedible) items you find in containers. This can be disabled in settings.
  • Begun reworking the TG sex change into more of a triggered event than a random one. Currently, the ways you can get sexchanged are: the gladiator can convert you when your penis is small enough, the modification machine can convert you when your penis is small enough, the elixir of life has always been able to instantly convert you, the demon codpiece has a way to convert you, and pulling up the sword of purity now instantly converts you.
  • Bags of holding take 2 attempts to transform. The sequence was being run through too quickly especially towards the start of the game where you may not be wearing many transformable items.
  • Traps no longer spawn in the throne room or statue hall, or in the entrance and exit rooms of regions. The number of traps that spawn has stayed the same now so they'll just be a bit more concentrated into other rooms.
  • New drinks!
    • There are now 15 different colours, 7 of which are beneficial. The two new beneficial ones are:
    • Lucidity - lowers arousal and heals orifice soreness.
    • Brilliance - identifies the magic enhancement of and increases the magic modifier of one item of clothing in the game universe. If the item is not near you, the increase is doubled.
    • When hit by a curse, you should now always get some text to give you an idea of what it's done.
  • Increased the number of tanks and buckets, and slightly reduced the average contents of each. There will now always be exactly one of each of the 15 colours (7 tanks, 8 buckets).
  • Cans now have different text shortcuts from each other!
  • Upskirt camera traps won't trigger if there's no naughty upskirt photo to take and you have a small ass.
  • Added lots more text and flavour around the game, notably for "hentai breasts" squirting milk while orgasming.
  • Asshole openness and vagina openness now have "real body" counterparts. This slowly grows over time like other real body part stats, assuming the virtual world number is higher, and acts as the minimum amount that the stat can be reduced to.
    • Asshole and vagina openness now reduce over time, but as we just mentioned can't go below real world size.
    • This prevents the super gape epilogues from being too prevalent - the final sex encounter with the futanari slutty sister which often leaves people gaped to max won't have time to impact on your final stats if you hit the button straight away afterwards.
  • All real life body parts now increase (or decrease for penises) over time slower than before. You'll need to stay in the game longer to get those giant sizes.
  • Ass hooks can pull up skirts and wedgie and destroy underwear.
  • Stopped fairies cutting through metal nipple covering items.
  • The giant statue in the woods will now periodically spawn monsters. When its close to summoning something, your arousal gain will be increased until the statue is finished. Stave off the impending spawn in the same way you would the summoning circle, or dump some bodily fluids on the ground anywhere in the woods. Killing monsters speeds up the countdown, if you're into that sort of thing.
  • The higher your virgin bonus gets, the more your vagina becomes desirable for NPCs to choose.
  • Since magic modifiers on heels already help/hinder your balance and any other stats they influence, I've decided that they do not impact on kick damage. Only the height of the heels does that!
  • Semen, urine and milk on clothing now slowly dries off, but much more slowly than water.
  • Fixed a transformation loop with the latex jacket and silver tube top turning into each other.
  • Fixed some issues where the gladiator was being referred to as a "He"
  • Fixed a major bug with the new item smoothing code that made it actually work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the player couldn't become the fertility goddess if pregnancies were set to spontaneous.
  • Fixed a bug where special plugs could be spawned by the throne.
  • Fixed a bug where the knife didn't actually go on cooldown.
  • Fixed a bug where the djinn and aeromancer (because they had their own tripping functions I forgot about) could trip the player super easily even when the player just slapped.
  • Fixed a bug where space mead and mechanical joints didn't have a hyperlink.
  • Fixed a bug where the bulging slutty sister had stupidly low HP and the futanari slutty sister had stupidly high HP.
  • Fixed a bug where the the maid headdress was spawning even when the player hadn't done much crawling at all.
  • Fixed a bug where some chef foods were remaining in your inventory after being eaten.
  • Fixed a bug where you could offer and trade worn cursed clothing.
  • Fixed a bug where the royal slave could get stuck on a drilldo pole trap until they fainted.

Beta Testers:

  • Since I got literally 0 feedback on imprinting from alpha testers, time to give you guys the option.
  • Fixed a bug where modules were still restricted to alpha testers.
  • The RoboMaid (variant on the robobutler) is now available for beta testing.
    • The Milkmaid will now pay extra attention to other maids.

Top donators:

  • Potion of brilliance tells you what item in the game universe was improved if you're in debug mode.
  • New debug commands "modify stomach water" and "modify stomach food"... they let you go absolutely crazy with overstuffing if you want!
  • Clothing takes longer to fizzle and disappear from transformation effects the more condoms it has attached to it.
  • Fixed a bug where used condoms were disappearing when clothing transformed.
  • Fixed a bug where bag lunch didn't have a hyperlink.
  • Fixed a bug where you could choose to drink out of a vampiress' condom, but refuse no matter what.
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