Trap Quest Release 9 Version 4.1

Once again the focus of this has been improving existing empty content and on usability. Hopefully once again the game feels nicer to play.

Download Links:

Main Download Page (including links to recommended interpreters)

MEGA Mirrors: Drawn Version and Porn Version

Known Significant Issues:

  • There are still issues with MacOSX Sierra. Apparently there is an unofficial fix here.
  • There are still some issues with the Gargoyle interpreter and freezing before epilogues occur. Try saving before hitting that STOP button just in case.


  • Changed intelligence so that it goes from 1 - 30 like strength and dexterity instead of 1 - 20. This took a lot of time to go through and check that everything was still balanced!
    • Originally intelligence was intended to be something that inevitably spiralled downwards to 0. This is no longer the case, or at least not until sex addiction hits max. So there's no reason to have a lower maximum than the other two, it made balancing buffing effects (like stat influence & the woods altar) much more difficult.
  • Added a little tutorial to try and improve the newbie experience which is still pretty dire.
  • Added a difficulty setting. Currently all it does is change the HP of NPCs, but this is probably the main individual thing that makes the game easy or hard.
    • The maximum score possible is now 50 higher and you get 10 points for each increased level of difficulty.
  • The player can no longer dip vessels into the sacred pool for a random beneficial drink(since it was always buggy and never worked)
    • To replace it, a unique container has been added to the mansion, the alchemical vat. There's no easy way to tell exactly what type of liquid it has in it, but once you take some, you can always be sure it contains something else.
  • The gargoyle will now sap some of the player's strength in addition to reducing penis size.
  • Mindless Acolytes will now become aggressive and attack the player if the doom quest is allowed to end.
  • Monsters can now pull on the player's nipples chains to prevent the player from resisting during sex.
  • You now see the description (and therefore image) of an item when it transforms. This can be disabled in the settings.
  • Made the growth of the player's desperation to pee more linear rather than random and slightly reduced the base odds of the player wetting themselves.
  • You can now still slap whilst being fucked by vines whilst standing. This means that the vine boss should be a bit of a more reasonable boss fight.
  • When expelling, whether you get cum on your thighs now depends on whether the expulsion was involuntary or not, rather than whether you were on your knees.
  • There are now subsection inventory commands to bring up smaller sections of inventory with less lag: "clothes" / "clothing" / "c", "jewels" / "jewellery" / "j" and "food" / "drinks" / "f" / "d" (only when you can't go down).
    • The 'inventory' hyperlinks setting now has a new option where there are no hyperlinks in the complete inventory but there are in the smaller subsections.
  • There is now an even more complex in-line hyperlinks setting which tries to work out some actions you might want to perform at any given time and puts them at the bottom of the screen each turn. But since this may cause even more lag, it's just an option!
  • There's now an option for autotake to include edibles and drinks, since I think some people were kind of assuming they were picking up drinks and so on and then surprised to not find them in their inventory.
  • There is a 'realistic orifice re-tightening' handicap for people who hate gape, where orifices extremely quickly tighten up again instead of staying loose. This is a disadvantage as it means much more soreness (and probably orgasms) overall.
  • Potions of brilliance will only upgrade items that already have +0 or higher modifier.
  • The game now correctly handles the player urinating while using the gloryhole, including the male blowjob portal variant.
  • It was kind of a big deal that clothing items spawned by headgear were sometimes turning up with like -4 magic modifier. So instead, the magic modifier of clothings spawned by headgear now defaults to 0 but also follows certain rules. Such as:
    • Royal dresses get +1 for each alive friendly guard and -1 for each alive unfriendly guard.
    • Maid dresses get positive numbers for how long you've been crawling since you last stood up.
    • Cheerleader outfits get positive numbers the bigger your butt is.
    • Pom-poms get +1 if you're not wearing any clothing that conceals your butthole.
    • Schoolgirl tube tops get the temptation attribute but the miniskirt gets the confidence attribute.
    • Schoolgirl stockings (which require the tube top, miniskirt and tie to all be worn, or the schoolgirl outfit) always get +1.
    • The schoolgirl outfit (which only spawns if you have both scrunchies on) always have +1.
    • The cow print bikini top and plastic is fantastic dress get positive numbers from how large your breasts are.
    • The cow print boots and milking basque get positive numbers from how full of milk your breasts are.
    • The priestess outfit gets positive numbers from how many cursed items of clothing the player is wearing.
    • The virgin warrior kit gets positive numbers from the duration of time that has passed since you started caring about your virgnity.
    • The fertility goddess outfits get positive numbers from the number of pregnancies you've birthed.
    • The silicone queen heels will get the speed attribute if the silicone voume of your breasts are high enough.
    • The human toilet stuff is just always neutral.
    • If the player is on their knees when they appear, the kitty cat claws and puppy claws get +1.
    • Sissy clothing gets increased numbers based on the number of worn sissy clothing.
    • Onesies get positive numbers from worn diapers, especially if they're used.
    • The broodmother stuff gets positive numbers depending on how large the wasp swarm is.
    • The cultist robe gets positive numbers the higher humiliation is.
    • The fairy wand gets positive numbers from the number of alive fairies.
    • The lycra bodysuit gets positive numbers from the amount of used condoms pinned to the cumdumpster hat.
    • Now someone add all that to the wiki please! <3
  • There's now an option to choose whether you want TG to be something inevitable, and sometimes spontaneous, or something that is potentially avoidable if you play really well.
  • There's now an option (enabled by default) for there to be loading screens when you'd otherwise be sitting there waiting for the new region to load. I used the images Sissy Jizelle drew for me.
  • Fixed a bug where the potion of brilliance could try to buff items that didn't have magic modifiers, e.g. jewellery.
  • Fixed a bug where curing the latex curse didn't unpause an existing pregnancy.
  • Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper's unique questioning funciton wasn't being used, so you'd never ask the discount question.
    • Considering that you can now sometimes get items for free by fucking the shopkeeper, I've also increased the discount amount from 2 to 5 to try and balance it.
  • Fixed a bug where the giant statue had the wrong links
  • Fixed a bug where the gargoyle would cause a run-time error every time she saw you attacking another monster
  • Fixed an issue where the aeromancer's failed rape text was really unclear
  • Fixed a bug where all latex hoods were craftable, not just the black one
  • Fixed an issue where the flavour for offering clothing to the giant statue wasn't matching up to the actual effect
  • Fixed an issue where the aeromancer could sometimes destroy your bag of holding
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur would only try to breed you if you weren't a cowgirl
  • Fixed a bug where successfully dominating a witch would display the wrong text
  • Fixed a bug where autotaking was causing the players to get to choose whether they wanted to kneel when a trap made them.
  • Fixed a bug where the cowbell was only clanking during sex, not during movement.
  • Fixed a bug where locked clothing was no longer locked after being transformed.
  • Fixed a bug where the djinn didn't properly remember that you wished for a suck of his cock.

Beta Testers:

  • Imprinting now works for kneeing, kicking and humiliation clothing.
    • Stockings will permanently affect knee damage.
    • Suspenders will permanently affect knee damage but only if there are worn stockings at the time of destruction.
    • Heels will only permanently affect kick damage if they have the 'of kicking' magical attribute.
    • Humiliation rate affecting clothing will impact dignity score by a flat amount.

Alpha Testers:

  • Nothing of note in this version as a lot of development effort this time was focused on user interface and user experience, but we should have some pretty cool stuff for you soon.
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